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College Student-Athletes and Student Support Services

Student-athletes are subject to a wide variety of different rigors and restrictions compared to the rest of the student body within a college and, as such, often require additional assistance to graduate. These added difficulties come in the form of the rules and regulations of the NCAA that they need to adhere to, the numerous practice sessions that they have to attend to keep their skills sharp, as well as various competitions they have to participate in throughout the school year. Combined, all these factors supposedly make it difficult for athletes to pursue the academic curriculums of their respective schools without some form of additional support. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]This is where Student Support Services (SSS) enter into the equation; through the assistance of SSS programs, athletes are given access to more academic resources that are not available to the average student. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.] These take the form of extra lessons, tutors or even study facilities that help to supplement an athlete’s educational experience. SSS programs are supposedly effective at what they do since, as of the latest polls taken by the NCAA, athletes graduate more often than the rest of the members of the student body. For example, Divison I athletes had an 82 percent graduation rate while the current Federal graduation rate for the student body in the U.S. is at 65 percent. What these statistics show is that despite the rigors and restrictions associated with being a student-athlete, they have high rates of graduation which is likely due to the SSS programs provided by the school. However, it must be questioned whether these graduation rates are based on valid academic competence. The study of McArdle, Paskus, and Boker (2013) which examined the academic courses recommended for student athletes showed that many of them lacked the sufficient rigors associated with relevant academic learning.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]There were instances where student-athletes were given a subject in Swahili which lacked any strict forms of educational testing and was considered an “easy A” subject (McArdle, Paskus, & Boker, 2013). As such, since many athletes are placed in courses that are custom designed by the schools to be less academically rigorous, are Student Support Services programs even relevant or are they just a waste of money?

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