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In his book Generation to Generation, Friedman (2011) discusses emotional forces of the most prominent families that are participating in the church. The distinct families are the relationship between the congregation itself, the one with the leader and the group, and the leader’s personal family. Friedman (2011) asserts that the functionality of a head does not lie entirely on knowledge of technique or pathology but majorly on how the leaders function in their families.

The leadership crisis in the church was due to spiritual stagnation as discussed by Friedman (2011). The leadership crisis was based on strained relationships arising between the minister and some members of the congregation. Some of his workmates had gone to as low as backbiting, and this was causing much strain on his leadership (Friedman, 2011).

Through a healing session with the congressional leadership, Friedman (2011) tried to help them get out of the rut they had found themselves in. He helped them understand their obligations to the church. Friedman (2011) further listed their emotional baggage, as well as their feelings towards each other, thus defining their leadership ways. He made them understand the meaning of leadership through self-differentiation. Mr. Love discovered that it takes more than him to have a conflict of wills. In this new understanding, Love learned that self-differentiation did not concern itself with the other person’s reaction and the leaders also picked out that they should not be dependent on the functioning of the head since those who are dependent are in control (Friedman, 2011). [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

While the major focus of Generation to Generation is the leadership and family, there are enough lessons to carry home when it comes to leadership through self-definition. Through having mature and fulfilled relationships, humans become less critical and more productive. Being more self-aware allows an individual a chance to care for others without suffocating them. Being less overbearing to the congregation gives them more control, which in turn reduces conflict of wills. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Conclusively, leadership crisis could be solved by being self-differentiated, learning congregational families, and knowing when to transition from one congregational family to the other.


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The leadership crisis affected the church in a great way. As you stated in your discussion, strained relationships between Mr. Love, the congregation leader, and some of the congregational members caused the leadership conflict (Friedman, 2011). Bearing in mind that the emotional processes in a church are similar to those operating in a family, a church cannot be expected to function properly when some of its members are in conflict. Strained relations between the leader (congregation minister) and members of the congregation are particularly worse as witnessed in this context. Congregational ministers and other members of the clergy should view their congregation as a family. They should approach the conflicts in the congregation the same way they approach conflicts within their families. The systemic family therapy model is one of the essential tools that the clergy can use in dealing with congregational disputes (Cox, 2006). It is this therapeutic approach that Friedman (2011) used to help the church clergy. Most importantly, he tried to emphasize on self-differentiation based leadership. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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The conflict seen in the church depicts what happens in many churches. Leadership wrangles between the clergy or the clergy and the congregation are common. The dispute in the church in context was as a result of poor leadership from the minister, Mr. love. Love failed to be a differentiated leader and succumbed to the emotional turmoil caused by what was happening around him (Friedman, 2011). His ability to think straight as a leader was compromised. A self-differentiated leader is the one who can resist anxiety and other emotional forces in the organization they lead. Mr. Love failed in differentiated leadership. Apart from failing to prevent conflicts from occurring in the church, Love also failed to solve them. The systemic family therapy model adopted by Friedman (2011) in resolving the dispute can be adopted by both the congregation and any family setting (Cox, 2006). The model views conflicts as related and not independent. The causative factors for conflicts should be addressed together and not in isolation. When they are treated in isolation, there is a high likelihood of issues not being resolved. Other issues are likely to arise in the future.


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