Write My Essay Sample: Importation of Food
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Write My Essay Sample: Importation of Food

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Overview of Imported Fruits and Vegetables

At a person level, I enjoy taking different types of fruits and vegetables. Some of The common fruits that make include mangoes, oranges, and apples. On the other hands, the kind of vegetables that I take includes cabbage, onions, lettuce, celery, spinach among others. In most cases, I prefer buying imported fruits and vegetables since I am of the opinion that testing an imported type of food makes one understand and have a realistic feeling of the kind of food found in different parts of the world. Based on the research, most of the fruits and vegetables I have been taking are imported from Mexico (Brody et.al, 2011).  Therefore, the average distance that these fruits and vegetables travel from Mexico to America is approximately 1886 miles or 3034 km (Brody et.al, 2011).

Benefits to Developing and Developed Nations

Critically to note is that Mexico is one of the developing nations across the globe. The trade between developed and developing countries is usually for the developed countries. However, both developed and developing countries benefit from the importation and exportation of food in different ways.  Firstly, the developing countries can get revenue from the exports. The business people who export their products to developing countries are not only able to earn income but are in a position to sustain their businesses for the long time (Brody et.al, 2011). The governments of the developing nations, in turn, get income through taxation for both importers and exporters. Consequently, the revenue is used in the development initiatives among other economic activities. On the other hand, the developed nations also get revenue from taxation from the importers, while their citizens get the food they need. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Using Locally Sourced Fruits and Vegetables

Although I rarely buy local products, I understand the benefits of using locally sourced food materials.  Firstly, the fruits and vegetables contain essential nutrients that are beneficial for the human body (Admont et al., 2014). However, according to scientific studies, the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables is easily destroyed in different ways. For example, one of these ways is that the longer the fruits and vegetables take to be consumed after being harvests, the faster they lose their nutrients. Therefore, by eating local food, one can get most nutrients unlike when imported (Admont et.al, 2014).  At the same time, the local business people especially farmers are motivated when their products are bought locally which reduces competition from the importers. However, one of the drawbacks is that since some local fruits are not enough to [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]meet the demand, thus they are sold at high prices compared to the imported ones.

Importance of Fruits and Vegetables

Unfortunately, I cannot live without taking fruits and vegetables since I know how important they are in one’s body (Brody et.al, 2011).  Most of the fruits and vegetables that I take are also locally available. The general nutritional value of fresh fruit and vegetables is that they help in boosting the immunity in the body systems (Admont et.al, 2014). On the other hand, unlike other food items such as red meat and junk food, which includes one’s calories leading to weight gain and lifestyles diseases, experts encourage people to consume a lot of fruits and vegetables to keep their body healthy and out of danger of lifestyle body complications. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]



Although global trade is for developed countries, I will continue buying imported food but use local fruits and vegetable as well. The bottom line is that the individual business people are also benefiting in countries abroad.


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