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Jill Jones can be said to be between a rock and a hard place as she is in a situation where she will have to make a decision that may not quite be pleasing to her. She is asked by William Potter, the firm’s head to objectively analyze the bosses’ son, Henry, for the CEO position since he cannot be objective about it for the conflict of interest. Jill in making the decision has to at one hand consider Henry’s good work with the Miami branch, but on the other, she still is concerned about her future with him as the boss because he once unsuccessfully propositioned her and made her life miserable.

William Potter’s request for her to analyze the son shows that he genuinely trusts her decision-making skills and it is even an honor for him to ask this of her. Jill has spent and dedicated most of her years in this company, and she fears that her reputation and years of dedication and commitment to earn the position she is in will be at stake if Henry becomes the company’s CEO. She is therefore faced with the dilemma on what to do.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

The ethical dilemma for this scenario is for Jill Jones to decide on whether to make a genuine positive review on Henry or just put her interests first and give him a bad review. If she decides to be professional about the review she will end up working with a bad boss who could make the rest of her working years miserable. If she puts her interests first, she might end up putting the whole organization at jeopardy since clearly Henry is the best suit for the position. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Ethical Theories

I would have to look at the consequences of my each of the decisions before deciding on what to do. This is according to consequentialism theory which states that the wrongness and rightness of an action should be based on the important terms of the action. It also states that no rule is intrinsically right or wrong. According to the theory, morality is a matter of the immoral good produced which is as a result of moral norms and actions (Moreland, 2009). Morality is a means to an end of some other thing. Utilitarianism is by far the most common form of consequentialism that implies that someone should aim to have their actions have a positive impact and the greatest good for the greatest number (Vayrynen, 2016). If I abide by this theory, then I would put my interests aside and look at the bigger picture which is the organization. I would put the interests of the organization first and disregard my interests because that would be the professional way to handle the situation. The consequences of me giving a negative review could have greater repercussions on a bigger number of people compared to giving a positive review for Henry to take up the position.

The decision of putting other people’s interests first is also supported by the Deontological theory which suggests that any act that is performed should be characterized by universality meaning that it should be appropriate for everyone. It should also go hand in hand with the moral laws which are the formal rules that judge an act’s rightness or wrongness. It states that life choices should be made according to obligations and responsibility (Foot, 2013). In this case, it would be my responsibility to do an objective review regardless of my feelings and fears because it is a request from my boss who has put his trust that I will do a good job. Just like the previous employment reviews I have made that have helped me earn the good reputation I have so should I apply the same level of objectivity in this particular review.

According to the virtue theory, a person should be judged according to his or her character and not actions. When observing an unethical position, the theory considers a person’s purpose and reputation of acting in a certain way (Hamilton, 2015). This theory is practical in making the decision of objectively reviewing Henry because from his reputation from the Miami branch shows that he has good leadership skills and can be able to take up the whole organization.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]


I consider reviewing him for the position to be the best decision because with that the organization will grow and Henry can apply the skills he used with the Miami branch of the whole company. This will also appease my boss because he had considered his son for the position. I would put my interests aside and think about what is best for everyone.


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