Write My Essay Sample: Diversity in Federal Courts
Posted by: Write My Essay on: August 22, 2018

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The move by President Barack Obama to diversify the federal courts is a positive step towards defining the modern America. The new face of the courts aim to create a society in which the minorities are equally represented. The president should consider a range of factors as he makes the presentation to the Senate. It would be important to note that the process of examining the nominees has been very slow since a majority of the Senate Republicans argues they cannot afford to rush and then make poor judgments.

President Obama should make the presentation that speeding up the process would be good for the American people. The current state of the court system is that there is a backlog of people in different cases. This makes the Senate’s approval of the nominees as beneficial for the country. In addition, he should also state that America has become a country made of diverse persons. This means that the current systems will need to be changed to accommodate the prevailing diversity (Hotakainen, 2010). The most outstanding factor for the President to consider is making America the primary objective. If he can convince the Republican senators of the benefits that these changes will make to the judiciary system then he could speed up the examination process.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

While women make a majority of the American population, I would not support the argument that they ought to have more seats. The judicial system should be given to persons based on their experiences and integrity. This means that if they find a man with more qualifications than a woman, then he should be considered. The only factor that I could consider is a minority in the sense of racial and ethnic basis. For instance, they could consider more people from the Latino and African-American communities. Women are now given more resources in learning facilities, and that means they can easily compete with their male counterparts.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Many American governments have struggled with the challenge of employment creation. One of the reasons why this is a constant problem is that the existing system favors the already employed at the expense of the applicants. For instance, judges are known to serve for a lifetime unlike people in other professions. I would prefer the president introduce an age limit after which the judges would be required to retire. This will give room for different judges to rise in ranks and help in building America. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Therefore, the move by President Obama to diversity the Federal Courts will make the American judicial system efficient. It will be a system that serves people regardless of their minority or majority status in society. Provided he can convince the Senate to speed up the examination process for the nominees, the American people can enjoy the benefits of this new system.


Hotakainen, R. (2010, June 18). Obama pushes to diversify federal courts, but it’s a slow process.

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