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Student 1

The Denial of Service wars will continue until technology is able to properly defend against them. Because of the nature of the attacks, it is difficult to recognize them, let alone stop them before they happen. If it was just a matter of losing Facebook for a few hours, it wouldn’t be a big deal. However, the Internet is ubiquitous. We use the internet for nearly all business transactions; it is a primary tool for communication; many machines are online and use online tools to operate; I don’t know a single person without an email address. The big problem is that just a few keystrokes can take down a website, turn off the power in large regions or even gain control of automated military weapons remotely. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Now that the ability to use such a tricky method to fool a server into accepting malicious requests is out there, there will always be someone who wants to use it nefariously. The important thing, as you mentioned, is that we open lines of communication and try to further diplomacy – particularly with countries with whom we don’t have a particularly good relationship. This threat of retaliation is not going to improve the situation. It’s easy to point a finger at Russia and blame them, but you can’t blame an entire country. Just like you can’t blame an entire religion based on a few radicals. We are doing a better job of locking things down and someone will eventually figure out a way to thwart this new form of DDos. Our political situation is precarious enough at the moment, we need to be careful about throwing stones when we’re not even sure what or who we’re trying to hit.

Student 2

It has been clear for some time now that an international set of laws need to be put in place regarding the internet. The problem is, the people who are the most threatening are often the least likely to follow regulations. That being said, the media has been using the internet to scare people for 20 years. The media calls this a cyber “war” and they use the word “attack” constantly. It’s true that an attack could take down all or any part of our electrical grid. It’s also true that “no cyber attack is known to have provoked death or physical damage to human beings.” (Cirlig, 2014). [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

This is not to minimize the emotional, physical and economic toll taken on those who are affected by a cyber attack. Whether someone steals your identity or locks up bank servers to bring business to a halt, they are committing a criminal act. And they should be punished accordingly. If we can even find them. We know the name Assange these days, but you can bet there are thousands of others out there who fully support what he did and are planning to do something similar. So the type of attacks going on – regardless of how many people they affect – are most definitely serious crimes. They are done distantly, virtually and that makes it very hard to catch the perpetrators, let alone punish them. At this point, the EU, US, UN and NATO (among others) are still arguing over the correct words and definitions regarding cyber crimes. I just don’t see a consensus that can be made law happening any time soon.

Student 3

The need to protect critical infrastructures globally is very evident at this moment in history. When we are on the internet, we are part of a global community. However, there is no effective global governing in place. I do not believe that the content of the internet should be limited or censored in any way, but I think anyone who uses the internet to commit a crime should be punished in the extreme. Not only are they a criminal, they’re not even brave enough to show their face. Though we are referring to these incidents as a “cyber war,” we can’t actually fight this war in the same way we’ve fought any other. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

President Obama met with Chinese President Jinping in 2015 to discuss cyber arms treaties. (Litwak & King, 2015). Of course, these treaties won’t bear much resemblance to the traditional treaties between nations. They will, however, attempt to bring some control to the chaos that could be created by DDos and cyber attacks. Cyber war is obviously inherently different from nuclear war, but Obama believes that it is important to work with other countries to try to draft treaties and agreements regarding activity in cyberspace. Obama and Jinping are negotiating an “agreement to ban peacetime attacks on critical infrastructure.” This might be enough to keep some people from committing cyber crime. Obama also pointed out that no agreement could ever completely solve an issue like cyber attacks because there are always those who have no respect for any law, let alone an international treaty.


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