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ICT Current Development in Information and Communications Technology
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IT 360T The powerpoint can be about any new IT discoveries like BIGGER DATA for example. Current Development in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) In order to increase your sensitivity to recent ICT development in hardware, software, e-commerce, BI, Big Data, IoT, knowledge management, etc., and their possible impact on business management, you are expected to read recently published articles related to information technology?s application in business. You should select one or more articles, prepare a one 150-word summary and discussion of the topic?s impact on ICT as well as business enterprises, and present your summary and article(s) to the class. This project should include: Cover sheet which includes the topic, your name, course title, and date. A 150-word summary, PPT slides you use for presentation, and the article(s) you read. Your summary should include a brief discussion of how the current development in IT you read is connected to the course materials. References should be documented appropriately. Example Sources (you are not limited to these sources) Practitioners? sources include: the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Business Week, Information Week, CIO Magazine, etc. Academic sources include a variety of ICT-related journals. Internet sources

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