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Lawrence Heights is a low income neighborhood in Toronto. This community is located in north-west of central Toronto and is bordered by Lawrence Avenue and Highway 401 and Dufferin Street to the south, north and west respectively. Lawrence Heights is known for its old buildings that date back to the early 1960 when they were fast put up by Metropolitan Toronto. The picture on the cover page gives an insight on how the buildings look like. This paper therefore outlines the description, strengths and weakness of the Lawrence Heights and how they could be improved (Toronto Public Library, 2016).

Lawrence Heights is known for several reasons. To start with, Lawrence Heights is known for leading in crime and murder cases in Toronto. It also comprises of post-World War II storey dwellings and bungalows. From the image, one can appreciate that this is an image of a storey-and-a-half dwelling more than 50 years of age. For quite some time, there have been proposals and activities to bring down majority of the older houses and bring up modern ones. However, efforts from heritage communities have seen revitalization of most of the buildings in order to preserve the communities long known character (Toronto Neighborhoods, 2016).[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Most of the buildings in Lawrence Heights are more than five decades and in need of major repairs. Most of the streets are not connected to other communities and so residents lack the sense of belonging and feel isolated. The need for revitalization is among the priorities in developmental plans in Lawrence Heights. Lawrence Heights attracted many real estate business businessmen and builders based on the area’s proximity to downtown and city outlets (Toronto Neighborhoods, 2016). Many older houses have been demolished and replaced with ultramodern ones. It started in 2007 when Howard Moscoe, the then city councilor, came up with the plan of revitalization of Lawrence Heights. The plan would then see demolition of all the 1,208 households and be replaced by modern and affordable ones. At the end of 2015, the project had kicked with demolition still taking place at Ranee Avenue and Flemington Road (Pathways to Education, 2016).[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Lawrence Heights is known for being more active in youth and senior development programs. Such programs have been aimed at reducing crime and murder rates in the community. For instance, Lawrence Heights Community Centers program offers various recreational activities for its populations. The program is inclusive of sports like basketball and various activities that range from newborns to adults. At some point in time, Lawrence Heights was designated to be among the top communities in Toronto that required initiation of development and other programs. The youth were the most targeted group in these programs that were aimed at reducing the prevalence of crime and murder cases.

Despite all these, Lawrence Heights also has its other side of the story. To start with, Lawrence Heights is a vibrant community that comprise of diverse population that originated from all over the world (Caribbean, parts of Africa and even the Maritimes). The result of this is partnerships and lasting friendships something that created a strong sense of community pride. Concerns have therefore been raised on whether embracing change inform of revitalization would still allow for the Lawrence Heights community to exist. However, there have been tensions and culture clashes among the different populations.


Being a middle class neighborhood that has been in existence for more than 50 years, Lawrence Heights needs elaborate plans to see its transformation into a modern but still affordable neighborhood. Such plans already in progress include revitalization and other programs such as Lawrence Heights Community Center programs. These programs are aimed at improving the general outlook of Lawrence Heights while at the same time maintaining the existing good relationship among its residents.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]


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