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The Athenian Greek Age is a Golden Age in Greece that is remembered for its great monuments, philosophy, art, architecture, and literature that has since then formed the building block of Greek Civilization. Among the greatest writers of that age is Sophocles. Sophocles in remembered as one of the tragedians in ancient Greek whose plays are still being used in the modern times. During his age, he wrote more than one hundred plats but only seven of them have them have survived up to now. The most famous Sophocles tragedies feature is Antigone and Oedipus, commonly referred to as the Theban plays. For more than fifty years, Sophocles was regarded as the most celebrated playwright of during that age regardless of the dramatic competition that existed in the city-state if Athens during that period.

Antigone is a play by Sophocles whose main theme is the dilemma been law and human law mainly involving two brothers, Polyneices, and Eteocles who slain each other during a battle. After the death of Eteocles, King Creon assumes the throne and decides that because that Polyneices committed treason, he should be left unburied for everyone to watch.

The dilemma in this play can be related to the case of the wiki leaks and Edward Snowden against the government of the United States. The theme that comes out when relating the case and the dilemma in the story is that laws exist and they have to abide by everyone whether you like it or not. In the case of Snowden saga against the U.S state government leaks, Snowden is seen to hurt his case hence the U.S government position was the right one. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

The dilemma that is in the play ‘Antigone’ is that between the law being implemented by King Creon, and that of the gods being followed by Antigone. According to their beliefs, Creon was ordained to be a king by the gods, and this meant that his laws have to be the law of the gods. Antigone is left in the Dilemma is to whether she should follow the law of the Land and leave her brother to the face the death penalty or should she go against the edict by Creon and bury her brother by the law of the gods.

Creon believes that nothing or nobody can change his mind and even the gods will aspire to his position now that he feels his deeds are justified in going against the religious custom to promote what he believes is good. He states that “Why would be the gods honor someone who came to destroy their temples and their laws” (Sophocles 287).

On the other hand, the law of the gods should rule over all and that includes even King Creon. According to the law of the gods, the punishment of breaking such laws is not death but something more eternal. Now that it was the gods’ will that Creon became the king, then the question remains that it is also their will that Polyneices should be punished. However, this is not the case now that the Greek gods are totally different from the model religions.

Antigone believes that Creon does not rightfully occupy the kingship position and remains resentful towards him and his laws and that he slithered his way to his position after the fall of her father and brother. However, she decides to put the law first and not her personal feelings. In this case, she follows the law of the gods. According to her, there are no enemies, friend to the state or traitor of the state among any of his brothers and considers them as being mere ‘philoi,’ to whom she is related to and has to remain bound to them (Sophocles 72).  The duty she decides to assume is not backed in any way by natural sentiments now that she is seen to love her duties more than the love she has for her brothers. She says that “I shall lie with him as a lobe one and one with a lobe one,” (Sophocles 73). She proclaims these words without any sense of personal memory, closeness, or particularity animation of her speech.

In the case of Snowden and the U. S government, it remains a dilemma as to whether the law was adhered to when the U. S. government stranded him while in Moscow. Snowden has come forwarded to defend his position, but there have been some reasons that have left people to doubt his claim.

First, the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange reported to Janet Reitman from the Rolling Stone that he advised Snowden against Latin America as he claims that “He would be safest in Russia.” (Harding 3). Also, the United States had revoked the passport of Snowden by June 22 as well as Ecuadorian travel document that was not signed acquired by Assange was void at the time Snowden reached Moscow (Miller 4)[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

WikiLeaks had reported to the BI that this Ecuadorian document was supposed to help him leave Hong. This raises the concern as to why he required it if his passport was still valid. Snowden lawyer in Moscow Anatoly Kucherena admitted that Snowden was “in a situation with no way out.” (Greenwald, 6). This is because he had no passport and visa and hence could not travel to any part of the world. The third thing that makes it hard for anyone to believe the claims by Snowden is that, if he had proper traveling documents, it remains unclear how the FSB would have allowed him to pass through the business lounge as he was traveling to Cuba (Gurnow, 4).


In the saga between Snowden and the United States government following the files he leaked to the public through the WikiLeaks, Assange allegations were right regardless of the debate by Snowden. His actions and statements made him come out as someone beyond just an honest whistleblower.

In the poem Antigone, Creon believes that now that he is the king, anointed by the gods, he had to make sure that everyone followed the law including Polyneices, Eteocles, and Antigen. Antigone, on the other hand, believes that no matter what her brother had done, the divine law should always come before the human law and this was the main cause of conflict between Creon and Antigen. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Now that Creon and Antigone have their idea of what is wrong and right, it is hard to take a definite position on who was right or wrong.  Antigone believed that her actions were for the right reasons now that they adhered to the law of the gods. Creon on the other hand that his actions were the right ones now that believe that Polyneices had betrayed the Kingdom and hence should be buried as a traitor

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