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Construction Waste Management Plan for Pacific Crest Engineering

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Brief Company Overview

Pacific Crest Engineering Inc. is a company based in California that offers full service in geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering. The services offered by Pacific Crest Engineering Inc. are both to the private and public sectors of the Silicon Valley and Monterey Bay areas in California. Furthermore, the company has the consumer’s faith at hand and the services offered are consumer-oriented. Regarding the mission and vision of the firm, the company has invested in the building using goods that are consumer friendly and environmentally friendly. Thus, to rely upon this dream the firm greatly invokes the green methods of production and green friendly products for use.

Pacific Crest Engineering Inc. was founded in 2001 but its founders have had over 50 years of compiling consultancy experience within the state of California.  The staff is centralized in the California. The company is registered to carry out the following: geotechnical testing laboratory, geotechnical and chemical engineering services, environmental consulting and sampling, and all the other scientific and technical consulting services.  Since the firm is a cosmopolitan company in California, it is obliged to avail all range of services in the engineering sector. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

According to Bon-Gang and Bao (394) the construction companies have a lot of waste from the firms that need to be accommodated into the company’s waste management so as to create the green economy that is the envy of many companies. It is due to the greener economy movement that the Pacific Crest Engineering Inc. has decided to come up with an integrated waste management project that will see the firm give proper treatment to the electronic wastes, the chemical wastes and all other wastes that result from any company’s operations.








Project Description

Waste Management Goals

The project by the Pacific Crest Engineering Inc. targets to reuse some of the products in the processes, recycle some of the materials as well as give proper treatment to the waste products from the firm. Also, the company will reduce waste generation by proper orientation of the production methods and the adoption of highly mechanized methods.  The target is to reduce the waste by reusing at least 56% of the materials, recycle 90 % of the materials and give 100% proper treatment to the wastes from the firm and reduce the waste emission by 30% (Pacific Crest Engineering Inc Para 3). Furthermore, the project needs to be worked on and implemented within three months from the initiation day. That means, throughout the entire construction activities, the well-established waste management process needs to be in use.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Waste Prevention Plan

After a thorough evaluation of the Pacific Crest Engineering Inc.’s process of production and their activities, it was evident that the wastes that the firm outputs to the environment comprises of a comprehensive range of Electronic items such as light bulbs, computer equipment, insulating materials among others. Within the construction sector, the wastes include paints, chemicals, nails, and other hazardous goods (Mills, et al. np).  Furthermore, wastes from the construction originate from the necessary materials used such as timber, bricks, concrete and plaster boards.  The Pacific Crest Engineering Inc. has established a manageable waste management plan that will be incorporated within three years.

Regarding the timber wastes, the firm purports to have a centralized area for timber cutting on the construction sites so as to minimize on wastages and increase the reusability of the small timber pieces from the construction. Some of the wood pieces are crushed and used in some useful timber products like ceiling boards to totally minimize on the wastage of timber. The bricks and concrete shall be collected at central places where the small pieces shall be mixed with concrete for use while the concrete that was left is crushed and washed to remove cement and then reused. Regarding the electronic wastes, the proper electronic waste management shall be adopted by involving electronic waste management firms that will give the electronic wastes from the firm proper treatment. The company shall collect all the paint wastes and then dispose it of through other companies in the construction industry after use in the Pacific Crest Engineering Inc. It shall be treated through the right treatment procedures before getting its way back to the environment. In the waste release program, the firm takes into account the proper disposal procedures advocated for by the national environment concerns.  In the construction site, there will be differentiated and labeled dump sites for the different types of wastes so as to ensure that the given type of wastes are deposited in the particular process so as to receive the right treatment. The classification of the dump sites is based on organic dumpsite, electronic dump site, and the plastic dump site and the metal dumpsite. That will aid in the proper collection of the wastes so that they receive the right treatment.

Material Quantity Disposal method Handling procedure
Paints   Reused or recycled Kept separate in the specifically designated container named ‘trash.’
Land clearing debris   Separately kept for reuse.  
concrete   Reused Recycled through crush and washing
Metals   Recycled Kept separate in the specific designated location
Organic and food wastes   Decomposed Disposed in organic labeled container
insulation   Recycled Disposed in plastic labeled container
glass   Glass bottles Kept separate in the specific designated location
Timber wastes   Reusing Kept separate in the specific designated location
Water   recycling Stored at the reservoir treated then reused.


Communication Strategies

Before any construction commences, there shall be a meeting of the Pacific Crest Engineering Inc. with the subcontractors to agree upon the right waste management method to be used. Typically, both parties are expected to state the plans and agree on the way forward on the right  waste management technique. The meeting will be mandatory for all the key stakeholders.  The main reason for the meeting is to inform the subcontractors about the company’s commitment to waste management and the precautions to be adopted (O’Connell 13). Furthermore, the company ought to issue a copy of the new waste management plan to any new subcontractor to the firm. The recycling coordinators shall make an inspection of the waste container and give proper advice as per the situation.  Moreover, each container shall be clearly labeled for direction regarding where to dispose of the wastes. In case the containers get filled up before they have been emptied, the team makes phone call to the responsible personnel through the availed telephone number that will see the proper action taken immediately. The telephone number shall be used to address the deficits and the arising emergencies regarding the waste treatment.

Training Materials

There shall be a supply of handbooks, showing how to handle each type of waste from the company. Those shall be issued to all those who will be working at the construction site. Furthermore, bright paintings at the dump pits and the containers which will attract the attention of all those within the construction site ought to bear written instructions on where to place each type of waste from the construction activity. Within the three months of commencement, there shall be more educational forums by the invited environmental scientist to give insight on the trends in the waste management, then give the positivity of the whole project.

Motivation Plan

On the jobsites shall be posted the project’s mission so that all the viable sub-contractors can partake the project before hiring. In spite of initial post on job site, the mission statement shall be distributed to all the subcontractors in the form of handbills. Moreover, the general contractor shall make a pre-awarding of the subcontractors in a meeting organized. Attendance to the meeting will be mandatory before the award of the subcontract. After the meeting, sign offs are required to affirm of the comprehension of the mission. Then awarding shall be accorded to the subcontractors amid the construction given that the right measures of waste management have been taken into account at the commencement of the project.

Evaluation Plan

The general contractor makes a project follow-up team that reports on the progress through right interpretation of the findings after evaluating the project progress level. The report shall be then be interpreted statistically to inform on the deviation from the targeted figures. The follow up team ought to give advice to the general contractor and the sub-contractors who then should give their pieces of advice to the entire team at the construction site. The follow up team should make sure that the right treatment has been accorded to the specific wastes without compromise.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]


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