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Christianity tends towards three aspects in the human life. It aims at nourishing one’s Spirit, Spreading the Gospel and Performing Godly services to the people (Gooding & Lennox 69). In order to make the congregation experience a sense of belonging which everyone requires, all these should be involved. Everyone should feel like a part of the church through certain experiences or missions. As a pastor, I would ensure my congregation is well prepared spiritually. Thus, I would make them involved in the following three activities, as explored below.

Bible study. This aims at taking care of one’s soul. In order to give, one must have plenty in the inside. Bible study is a great way to grow one’s Spirituality. Reading the Bible alone can be one of the most difficult things to do in Christianity if at all one is not yet ingrained in the religion. My aim would be encouraging the new believers to read the Bible. I would buy necessary materials for this purpose. For example, small books with short verses, hymn books and also Sunday school books. I would establish tents close to the church and invite everyone. This would take five days. On the first day, children would be separated from the rest of the group. I would assign a teacher for them so as to ensure that they are not left behind. On the second day, I would divide the adults into small manageable groups .The tents would be movable so that each group can settle at a place of their liking. On the third day, I would separate the youths from the rest of the Church. The youths love dancing and music; therefore, I would encourage them to show up for Bible study by creating a platform for music and dance. On the fourth day, I will have the clergy separated from the church. We will discuss about the church and also pray for it. During this Bible study sessions, I will provide food and soft drinks. There will also be continuous breaks so as to avoid boredom. During the breaks exciting games will be played and people will know each other as a form of socializing. Every other evening, we will all meet and pray for the church and the coming missions. We will also have a reading and finally break. On the fifth day, which will be the last day, we will all meet, worship together and look into what we have learnt. With that, the whole congregation will have grown spiritually in fun-filled way.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Video watching. Everyone loves a good movie especially in the urban areas. These areas consist of mainly the youth. They visit night clubs, which sadly is not biblical. On the sixth day, I would invite the church to a crusade in the evening where a large part of the time is focused on the movie and music. The choice of the movie would be “Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.” I would encourage the church to show up in large numbers so that we can stand out, I would have ushers standing strategically to invite any willing person to the event. After the movie, when some people have given their lives to Christ, there will be a worship session to thank the Lord. With that aspect number two of Christianity will have been taken of.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Visiting the Orphans. On the seventh day, which would be on a Sunday, I would talk with the church members and agree on what to do so as we can give back to the community. This might range from, cleaning the compound to visiting the Orphans; I would put more emphasize on visiting the orphans. We would schedule the date and time for the visit which would probably be on the Saturday of the following week. I would give the Church members sometime to seek out what to give to the orphans. If the journey from the church would be short, I would encourage the available people to walk with the clergy and I to the place, so as we not only provide material aid but also emotional support. With the above, I would have accommodated the main aspects of Christianity.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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