Essay Writing Service Sample: The Process of Forgiveness
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The Process of Forgiveness

Letting go of pain, anger, and frustration is not a walk in the park. Forgive and forget. It’s the usual advice we give and have received when angry about situations and people who’ve wronged us or turned us down. Hurt people often hurt others, and we should not fall into that equation. It’s so easy to pass judgment and call others evil and just walk away from those situations, but that doesn’t help us to heal. I learned that being the bigger person does not mean I have to hurt those who’ve hurt me. It does not entail that if we don’t get even, it means there has been an injustice. We all need forgiveness even if it’s you that you have to forgive. Another lesson that I learned about forgiveness is that it’s always about me. The rage and exasperation we experience allow us to be vulnerable by blocking our judgment even when we know the right action to take (Mitchell, 2013). But remember that it takes a healthy and wise person to forgive by choosing to be better, not bitter. We are so loyal to those hurtful moments that we forget that we all are on a journey to self-happiness. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Response to Peers 1

When you’re in a predicament, you have two options, you either fight or flight. Before, trying to prove a point was the only thing that could quickly ring into my head due to lack of empathy, it was always about me. But with time, one realizes that forgiveness is not easy, and that it’s one of the most selfless acts that people have to recharge regularly to be happy. One could have the money to get them the best bed, but one cannot buy enough sleep as an escape plan from their issues. People always try to escape from something that they can’t escape from because it’s inside of them. Steadily building up unexpressed emotions through drinking, [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]smoking, and overeating eventually erupts in the least expected ways and with consequences. The safest way is realizing that one is only human and they could easily get angry and want to seek vengeance (Mitchell, 2013).

Response to Peers 2

“Holding on to anger is like poison and expecting the other person to die” is a famous quote by Buddha on forgiveness. It only states that blaming is the easiest way out that limits one’s life. But when one forgives, they come to terms with themselves. Don’t let resentment, anger, depression, revenge, fear, and sadness define who you are, rather allow them to remind you to forgive again and again. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]Because when you forgive, you feel more empowered and you open the door to be who you can be. One creates the future that they’ve always wanted. Thus at all times, we should remember that anger and holding on to bitterness only works against us. It does us no better but to destroy us from within. But once we let go, forgive and forget, we lessen the load carried by our hearts. More importantly, we radiate the brightness of our hearts to those around us and attract them to us. This makes us lovable and easy to cope with others (Mitchell, 2013).


Mitchell, M. (2013). 9 Steps to Forgiveness. Psychology Today.

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