Essay Writing Service Sample: The Cannabis Conspiracy
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The Cannabis Conspiracy: Why is Weed Illegal?

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People often have different choices of drugs when it comes to abuse, and this depends on the involved countries. Marijuana is a common drug that is found in various countries and has a range of names depending on the countries of concern. While this is a popular drug, it is illegal to use in all states except California (Masunaga). The main reason behind its illegal status among the Americans is its adverse effects on human health. However, there exist some conspiracy theories on why Marijuana is considered illegal. These theories are based on cartels interests and racism.

The involved cartels fought the legality of marijuana ranged from paper industries and petrochemical industries. Hemp could be processed to produce environmental friendly paper and chemicals, which would threaten the alternative resources used for the same processes (Hidel).[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]At the time, influential people had already invested in the paper manufacturing and chemical production sectors and opted to use the law to prevent the use of hemp. The racist theory mainly associated the use of Marijuana with colored and Hispanic persons, which prompted the government to consider the drug as harmful and therefore illegal (Hidel). At the time, racism was rampant, making the passing of such a bill easier. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

This article provides logical facts based on the persons involved in the banning of marijuana in America. Even though it explains their motives behind their choices, it fails to explain why people have never challenged the illegal status of marijuana in the modern America. Based on the article, it would be right to suggest that the illegalization of Marijuana was meant to meet the needs of a few elite people, but this also fails to explain why the future generations have never challenged the same. In a world that is capitalist-oriented, it would be expected that some companies have challenged the use of marijuana based on the context of production and not personal use. Therefore, these conspiracy theories are less convincing on why Hemp was illegalized. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

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