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The primary health determinant in this article is social determinants. Social health determinants refer to social factors as well as physical conditions of the area where the affected population is born, live, work, play, and age. Social determinants have been observed to significantly affect a broad range of functioning, health, and the outcomes of the quality of life (Travis). The plan covered in the article is the funding by the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation to build a ten to twelve story complex that will include two hundred and fifty housing units that will be subsidized for the local community.  This project mainly targets a region that is occupied currently by a group of homeless people living in tents.

This social health determinant will improve the sanitary conditions of the population living in the community. This plan will be able to support the local community by allowing the city to rent about half of the expected two hundred and fifty units at a welfare shelter that will be at $ 375 every month for a single-person household (Travis). With reduced rent rates, the residence will direct the amount of money they will be saving to better food and nutrients hence better health conditions.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

They will also have extra funds to access medical facilities and buy drugs and treatment if they fall ill. Poor health outcomes have always been observed to make worse health conditions following the interaction between individuals or a population and their physical and social environment. The integrated, complex, and overlapping economic systems and social structures are often responsible for most inequalities related to health.

The other health determinant mentioned in the article is health services. In addition to coming up with subsidized housing facilities for the low-income population, the plan also involves coming up with an integrated health center. Such a health center will allow for easier access to quality health care for this population. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Social health determinants are typically shaped by the distribution of power, money, and resources to the residents. With improved housing, the population will not be exposed to some of the conditions that result in the natural spread of diseases such as cold nights and attacks by disease-causing insects as compared to when they are living in tents. For example, in this case, the Carnegie Community Center is committed to coming up with community-controlled housing at a welfare/pension rate at 58 West Hastings (Travis). This way, the population will be able to save on some of their income and direct the income to access better medication and medical facilities.

Such interventions should be encouraged now that they play a significant role in improving health conditions in low-income populations. Support from the government as well as other foundations should be promoted and implemented so as to increase the funding for such projects. For example, in this case, the provincial government announced to provide $ 500 million for affordable-housing programs (Travis). The other example is the effort by the Vancouver Coastal Health to help subsidize it health intervention through rent it will be paying for the health center facility it will be operating in the region.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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