Essay Writing Service Sample: My Addiction: Working Out
Posted by: Write My Essay on: November 22, 2018

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Addiction is the engagement of a given behavior repeatedly even despite its positive or negative implications. When an individual is addicted, they find it hard to overcome their behavioral inclinations. They become dependent on the objects that reinforce their addictions and spend most of their time engaging in single behavior. When people hear the word addiction, the first thing that comes to their minds is drug addiction or alcohol addiction. Nonetheless, addiction is not always negative. Addiction can be positive and be channeled towards furthering one’s successes.

I am addicted to working out, as I tend to engage in physical exercises more than most people do. Working out involves the use of body building tools and other gym equipment to enhance the muscle and physical well-being. I started working out when I was 12 where I would engage in mild forms of practice such as jogging and wrestling. Over time, such actions formed an important part of me in a way that made me feel inadequate when not exercising. Therefore, I increased my exercising frequency and intensity of the workout schedule. I enjoy the process of growth and have been able to appreciate every step I engaged to become disciplined in my workout initiatives.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Before my addiction, I used to weigh 140 pounds, but with my workout schedules, I have managed to shed off some weight as I am now skinnier. This current situation has given me confidence in my daily activities. This addiction has enabled me to overcome paranoia and feelings of inadequacy that initially marred my peace. I am now able to speak more confidently in public. The progress I have had in the bodybuilding process has given me the morale on overcoming any challenges in life. I am more optimistic about life because of my addictive tendency. Based on my experience, I believe that life will always work out for the best as long as we extend the utmost effort.

I go to the gym five or six times a week. While at the gym, I often engage other bodybuilders and establish friendships, and this shows how my addiction has positively influenced my relationships with people. A gym is a social place that has provided me with a platform through which I met different people and established friendships. I also noticed that most people within the gym have a positive attitude towards life, a situation that has helped me avoid detrimental relationships. I work out around respectful and disciplined persons who have made the addiction a good thing in shaping my life. Since people tend to be influenced by the persons around them, this has placed me in the right environment.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

I feel healthier because of my addiction as I have experienced a feeling of being physically fit. Maintaining the workouts requires people to engage in healthy behavioral practices as well. The best health practices are required for one to manage to lift heavy weights among other activities within the gym. Such practices include the avoidance of fatty foods and intake of healthier foods. Bodybuilding affects the human mind in different ways. Popular effects include boosting mental stability and striking a balance of the mind. I can admit these effects as I can now control my temperament and emotions better than I did prior to the body building exercises. Before, I had a bad temper, and that always resulted in conflict with family members and friends. However, with the practice of pragmatism and self-control I have been able to make my situation better by establishing good relations.

I also consider working out to be a source of entertainment as it leaves me fulfilled at the end of the exercises. Even though one gets tired, there is a feeling of greatness that follows when one knows they have accomplished all goals for the day. In addition to this, the workout sessions are accompanied with jokes and jibes at each other, a process that makes lifting weights simpler. With this entertainment also comes educational moments within the gyms. People share ideas on the best ways of working out and ideal diets depending on the involved goals. When people are at the gym, they also share their life experiences, which can help people avoid common mistakes whether during working out or even in society.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Conclusively, addiction is not always associated with negativity when that is not the case. In my case, it becomes a good thing as it has managed to change my life positively. There are indeed negative addictions, which entail the use of drugs such as cocaine. Such addictions negatively affect the physical and mental health of the subjects. They limit the efficiencies of the addicted parties and create a sense of unfruitful dependence. As a workout enthusiast, I can employ my time positively to better my health and social relationships. Therefore, exercising should be an addiction that people seek to make their lives better.


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