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Misunderstood Label: Loner

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One of the labels that have unfortunately been attached to me is being called a loner since I rarely seem to be in the company of other people. Some of the assumptions that I had overheard when people thought I could not hear them was that I was either socially awkward or had some for of mental illness that prevented me from talking properly. Nothing could be farther from the truth since I am rather sociable when I want to be and I consider myself to be an eloquent speaker. Simply put, I enjoy the peace of mind that solitude brings me from time to time.

A loner is simply an individual who is not defined by those who they are surrounded with. Who they are, the essence of their being and what they want out of life is the result of deep personal introspection into who they are as a person. A lot of people tend to make decisions based on how it will impact their relationship with those around them, loners base their decisions on its impact on their life and its future. I may be alone a lot of time, but I do not feel lonely at all, even if the only company I have is my own thoughts.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Loners are, in essence, people who have come to terms with who they are, what they want out of life, and have developed the necessary mindset to pursue their goals without being dependent on others. While, from the perspective of other people, it may be a strange life to live, it is perfectly fine for people like me. Loners do not define themselves based on the views of others; rather, we strive to develop our own perspectives, our own views and live life the way that we choose.

Personally, I cannot see how some people can put up with the sheer amount of interference and noise that assails them on a daily basis. Whether it is their phone ringing, their friends constantly talking or the background noise in a mall that makes thinking hard to do. For me, being a loner is someone that understands the value of peace and quiet, who is entertained by their own thoughts and is an individual that desires periods of solitude simply to recharge. The way I am is due to my desire to have a state of mind that is not chaotic, filled with the constant cacophony of people all around me. I like being alone since it is a way that helps me stay sane in an increasingly insane world that is filled to the brim with events, people and things that seek to drive away your personal thoughts in favor of the chaos it brings.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

I think that people have become so concerned with presenting an ideal image of themselves to the world at large that they have started to forget what it is like to simply bask in the quiet of solitude. Day in and day out, people strive to showcase a facade of who they are to people they probably do not like, all for the sake of social niceties and their own ego. For loners, this attitude is tiring, repetitive and is quite simply insane from our perspective. Living life by your own definition and doing things based on peace of mind rather than appearance is something that we strive for. Are we weird for not going along with the inane concepts that have been spread by pop culture, probably. However, if this is weirdness, then I accept it wholeheartedly since I feel far happier and more at peace with who I am as a person compared to when I strove along the same path of social conformity that used to define my existence.

For people who think that being a loner is a sad reality, I say that you should save your pity for yourselves. I live a life that is free from conformity; I do not have the shackles that society has imposed on the rest of you, and I have developed the capacity to make my own choices based on what I want. If the price of all that is to have fewer people surrounding me, then it is a price that I would gladly pay for the peace of mind that I have. My mind is at peace, I am free, and for all of you that live based on how people define you, I have nothing but pity for your situation. It is nothing more than a jail where the bars are not as obvious but are just as strong as those found in the most isolated prison cell.

Collaborative Activity

The most interesting aspect of my classmate’s list is how they viewed themselves in relation to their environment. It is always interesting to note the different ways in which people see the world around them and how it influences what they do and how they think. Overall, I would have to say that it is definitely a useful list but seems to lack sufficient examples in showcasing how their label applies in more situations.

For example, in my list, I compared how my label is influenced by the general environment and through personal interactions. A similar comparison was not utilized by my classmate which makes it more difficult for their identified characteristics to standout or be understood in the context that they are trying to frame them in. Examples are relevant when it comes to any type of work that is attempting to create a comparison with something since they can create a concept that can be more easily understood which would enable people to relate to what you are saying. For instance, if you are trying to help people understand the dynamics of marketing and its impact on consumer choice, you could use product presentation as an example (ex: how the look of a product makes it more appealing to certain people). [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

By using scenarios that people can relate to and have experienced, this makes them more likely to understand your point of view and relate to it. Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, this was missing from my classmate’s work which is a shame since the topic is rather good, but it could use a “boost” so to speak when it comes to the point of view that they are attempting to showcase.

On a positive note, I found my classmate’s views on their behavior interesting and rather funny. Their behavior contrasts significantly with my own since I tend to be on the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to my interactions with people and how I choose to interact with the general environment. Despite this, it is always interesting to see how people view their own behaviors and how they believe it influences and impacts their day to day lives and activities.

One interesting aspect of how they depicted themselves is how they explained their attitude and perspectives changed over time and how it influenced what they became as a person. It is always interesting to see how a person “grows up” so to speak since there are a lot of internal and external influences that go into what makes a person into the man or woman they become. Seeing this change in “action” so to speak is interesting since it shows how my classmate’s behavior has been altered through the years into the person they are now. I would have liked to read more about this process in their list since it is a fascinating point of view and shows how their definition of who they are as a person changed over time. I would have liked to know more about the events behind these changes and the various influences they have had.

Sometimes, though, I start to question whether people define their own behaviors as normal or consider them as abnormal when compared to the behaviors that society says they should have. I consider my behavior to be completely abnormal since it clashes with the type of behavior society says I should have. In some cases, people could consider their abnormal behavior as being normal and that it is society itself that is behaving abnormally. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

This is just a small thought I had when I read my classmate’s list, and I could not help but bring it up. Overall, I would have to say that I enjoyed reading the list and doing this activity. I hope that in the future, I would be able to do something similar again since I do like learning about other people.

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