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Immanuel Kant’s View On Lying

Immanuel Kant had an incredibly strong opinion on lying. He was of the view that lying is always immoral and in no situation can it be justified or considered. Upon this belief, he developed a theory of morality called Categorical Imperative, in which he defines the existence of an absolute, unconditional requirement which supersedes all possible situations, which is necessary and can be justified as an end. The Categorical Imperative basically states that that which ought to be done must be influenced by reason only and not on the desired outcome. Kant believed that the duty to be truthful was far more important than any other function that would be conflicting with it. Kant’s opinion of honesty as a mission is grounded in his belief that to lie is to deny the other individual the option of rational choice on how to act on the information given to them and thus, denying them respect as intelligent human beings[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

He argues that lying terminates the validity of any contracts and efficiently makes any personal dealings pointless because the other party only becomes an instrument, given a limited view of a situation and expected to react to it without the freedom of rational choice (Kant, 1993). I disagree with Kant’s stand on lying as there are lies that have the potential to prevent us from hurting others and violating our duty of benevolence towards them. Take for example a scenario in the times of the Holocaust where people would lie to the German soldiers to protect [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.] the Jews they housed. Kant’s argument if applied in this case would violate those people’s moral duty to protect the lives of their fellow human beings, regardless of religious background or race. Always telling the truth is an unachievable feat, given the malicious nature of human being as this would expose one to abuse by those willing to manipulate others to get their way. If all human beings were morally well disposed of, not only would it be everyone’s duty not to lie, there would be no need to lie in the first place.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]


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