Essay Writing Service Sample: Case Study: Edward Jones Communicates Caring
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Question 1

To enhance the effectiveness of communication, Edward Jones should determine multiple channels for organizational communication. These should be aligned towards the use of all means of communication available to communicate to the employees. The company should desist from engaging only one channel of communication as this may lead to distortion of information. Some of the channels that should be engaged include faxes, bulletins, and memos among many other mediums.

The company should further use repetitiveness in its communication initiatives. The company should always apply this to the important messages to the organization. Edward Jones should ensure that all vital information is shared and communicated among all relevant persons. The organization should further engage their staff in seminars and courses that reinforce the need for communication in the organization. Within these seminars, the staff will be exposed to ways by which they can enhance their communication effectiveness.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

With the aim to boost communication effectiveness, Edward Johns should establish communication goals within the organization. These communication goals should be etched in the vision statements and mission statements of the organization. This is to ensure that every hired employee into the organization understands the significance of communication to the corporation. The organization should further create policies that address communication conflicts. Essentially, there should be guiding frameworks that serve metrics to determine whether the communication is being employed efficiently in the organization. This will allow constant review, which further enables the determination of communication loopholes in the organization. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Question 2

In hiring financial advisors, Edward Jones should assess its honesty and communication skills. Furthermore, it assesses their abilities to work in a team environment. Honest financial advisors will always give a true picture of the factors on the ground. This ensures that Edward Jones can succinctly influence the outcomes of their financial initiatives. Furthermore, the company will align itself towards the hiring of financial advisors who are responsible. In their positions as financial advisors, they are expected to determine the best ways through which the company can move forward. This entails openness that is reinforced only when one has a sense of responsibility towards their engagements.

Teamwork also comprises one of the metrics that is engaged by Edward Jones in hiring financial advisors. Given the need for constant communication, the financial advisors will be forced to engage repeatedly with investors. The success of these interactions is largely influenced by how well the advisor can work in a team. Overtime, this reinforces the culture of cooperation, open communication, and efficiency through responsibility.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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