Essay Writing Sample: The Tale of Yingying
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Tsui Yingying felt her heart flutter when she saw Zhang through the window as he went to the temple hall. She had fallen passionately in love with him at that moment but was distraught by the knowledge that she should never have to express her feelings to him (Minford, 2000). She went back to her bed and spent a few hours, restless, tossing and turning, at a loss on what to do. She knew she had to act as a lady would and not say a word to anyone. It was for this reason that she said she was unwell when her mother sent for her to greet Zhang. Finally forced to go to the banquet, she sulked and would not face him, confused over what she felt. When Hongniang brought her a poem written by Zhang, she read it over and over again, excited that he felt the same way. Quickly, she wrote a poem to him, inviting him to the western chamber. Her excitement did not last long, though; she remembered she was only supposed to be proper. Dressing up to head to their rendezvous, she decided to put an end to Zhang’s advances. She would not entertain him any longer. It broke her heart, but she could not compromise her virtue in this way. She tells him off but goes to his bedside nights later, unable to stay away. The battle within herself continued, sometimes she wanted him and would let him into her chambers, at times she refused to see him. When he finally left for Chang-an, she knew she had lost him, this time forever. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]


YinYang behaves in a Confucian way; she follows strict decorum in her thinking and response to Zhang’s advances at when she invites him to the western chamber, only to tell him off for his lewdness. Often, she remembers that she is expected to behave like a lady, and refuses to see Zhang.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

At the same time, she behaves in a Daoist manner; her feelings lead her to spontaneously defy decorum first when she attends the banquet disheveled with her hair uncombed and also when she responds to Zhang’s poem with an invitation to the western chamber.

YingYang’s undecided manner is perhaps what drives Zhang to break off their relationship in the end when he ends up marrying another.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]


Minford, J., & Lau, J. S. M. (2000). Classical Chinese literature. New York: Columbia University Press.

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