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Hagan Joel in the article “Retelling Experiments: Retelling Experiments: H.B.D. Kettlewell’s Studies of Industrial Melanism in Peppered Months” talks about the H.B.D Kettlwell’s study significance on the natural selection as well as the effect it has in the further study and knowledge of scientific evidence about natural selection. He also discusses how this study ended up being obscure after other scholars misused its information.

H.B.D Kettlewell refers to a British ecological geneticist that gave rise to a revolutionary article by the name “Darwin’s Missing Evidence” in the late fifty’s. The article contains information on the peppered moth’s natural selection that was affected greatly by the soot caused by the industrial revolution. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

In his analysis, Hagan discusses the main points from Kettlewell’s information that include, the manner in which scholars made use of his study to cause ambiguity that has possibly been regarded as misinterpreting information that greatly impacted how the main study was viewed (Hagan, 1999, p. 143). [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

According to the article, in the early years before the industrial revolution, almost all peppered moths appeared to have black spots on their grayish white wings. The peppered moth is regarded as being among the many moths’ species that show evidence of industrial melanism. In this sense, industrial melanism refers to when the skin pigmentation becomes dark colored by the generation process following a certain cause and in this case being the soot that was caused by the industrial revolution (Hagan, 1999, p.152).

The article in general looks at how idealized accounts for the study by Kettlewell have been applied by biology teachers and professional biologists while at the same time reacting to David Rudge criticisms to Hagan’s early discussions on the same study highlighting the claims by Rudge on the purely observational studies significance for the eventual popularization and acceptance of the explanation by Kettlewells for the industrial melanism evolution. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]


Hagen, J. B. (1999). : H.B.D. Kettlewell’s Studies of Industrial Melanism in Peppered Months. Biology and Philosophy, 14(1), 39-54.

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