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Question One

I oppose the proposition of every United States adult resident having to carry a national identification card. The whole idea was brought about after the September 11 terrorism attack. It is aimed to verify airline passengers’ identity as well as to prevent terrorists from getting into the country. Truth is this will not really curb the issue at hand rather it will create a false sense of security and will also not improve the country’s security (Kan, 2016). It is a rather superficial and a misplaced priority of trying to enhance the security of a country it in fact poses a major threat to civil rights and liberties. The following are my major arguments against carrying a national identification card system:

The system is not in any way going to solve the terrorism problem for example the September 11 hijacker were legally in the country and most of them had identification cards. Criminals and terrorists will go through the whole process of getting identification documents and regardless of them having digital fingerprints they still are going to commit crime (Kan, 2016). It is an ineffective, impractical and backward proposal that tries to hide behind technology to solve humongous economic and social problems.

The system will require the complicated process of creating a database of all Americans. This would create a numerous number of errors leading to the inconvenience of many citizens rendering some unemployable till their files are straightened out. The questions here are: What evidence is used to decide who gets a card? What action is taken when an ID card is stolen? There are no procedures that have been put in place to handle such cases.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

The system would result to strict monitoring of citizens. There would be a negative impact on the privacy and freedom of citizens instead of bringing about a sense of security. The privacy that every American citizen has been enjoying would be threatened and eventually increase government control over everyday citizens (ACLU, 2011).

Question Two

The United States should strive to become preeminent in cyber-attack technology as the country is a big target of the cyber criminals. The following are proofs of why the country should focus on trying to have the leading cyber-attack technology: Cyber-attacks have been on the increase in the United States and a threat to organizations in the country (Tittel, 2015). Fears of hackers disrupting the elections were immense as rumors had it that they could use high-profile leaks and distributed denial-of-service attacks tactics to influence the votes. Despite the assurance by the cyber security experts of the difficulty in hacking the U.S elections there were still doubts of the hackers starting up chaos on Election Day through other means. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

The United States had a massive DDoS attack that flooded internet connections and paralyzed popular sites especially the East Coast users (Tittel, 2015). The attack was from malware called Mirai. It was feared that the same could be used on Election Day causing inefficiencies like an attack being targeted towards a certain county and lowering voter turnout.

The attack largely took down the US internet and came at a time of unprecedented fears about US cyber threats. As earlier mentioned the attack affected access to popular sites including Paypal, Spotify, Twitter and customers of Dyn Company. The attacks came in waves starting with the East Coast, spreading to other parts of the country and crossing over to Western Europe (Tittel, 2015). [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

The crimes have been on the rampant in the country recently as criminals are even targeting small and midsize businesses because these businesses pay little attention to their security. These companies are major contributors to the economy as two-thirds of them contributed approximately $7.5 trillion to the U.S economy and therefore their protection should be a prime priority. The following are costs that could be experienced by a business during an attack; Loss of business, Reputation damage, Loss of company assets, Protection costs such as firewalls, encryption, staff and software, Litigation expenses in case of a sue case for the leak of customer information (Tittel, 2015).


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