Essay Writing Sample: Future Initiatives
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Hamilton’s Initiative 2047

If I become the mayor of Hamilton in 2047, my first initiative would be pushing for the approval of Hamilton Early Literacy Sponsorship Program (HELSP). This initiative will focus on sponsoring and promoting Early Learning Hamilton (ELH). This will offer benefits such as providing children with books in a meaningful way, helping children to learn and become successful in school, improving literacy rates in the community, supporting families and caregivers. These benefits will apply to all people regardless of their cultural diversity, ethical and linguistic backgrounds, and developing literacy in children.  The program will fund the purchase books and other learning materials for children. It will also set up libraries in every estate of Hamilton so that parents find it simpler to pick and drop their children at the institutions. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

This initiative is my priority because it will give me the chance to take care of the less fortunate people in the society who cannot afford to purchase books for their children through issuing of books freely as the mayor. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]The program will also result in the creation of job opportunities such as librarian positions. This means that the program will also aid in addressing the high rates of unemployment that was caused by the Economic Recession in the 1980s and 1990s. The Depression forced some people to leave Hamilton in search of work in other places (Cooper, 2007).  In addition, I will have addressed the issue of poverty that resulted from the emergence of the steel industry, which led to poverty due to loss of jobs, since children from low-income families will get access to books. Additionally, constructing libraries around the city will reduce parents’ expenditure on traveling far distances with their children to purchase books. That will have addressed the problem of Urban Sprawl that resulted from Environmental problems and discouraged public transit, forcing Hamiltonians to commute from outside the city to go to work. I believe this single program will be very beneficial to Hamilton as it will address several issues both in the long and short term.  [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]


Cooper, T. (2007). Hamilton, the Ambitious City once more. The Hamilton Spectator. 2007.

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