Essay Writing Sample: Emergency Planning
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Question One

As an event manager, one must possess the ability to tackle any changes that take place during the event especially when dealing with a scenario that may be unprecedented. These unprecedented events have the potential to affect the accomplishment of the goals that the event management team has set out within a given period (Singh, 2013). In the given scenario, there are only three days left before the Annual Women’s Day Conference. In planning of any meeting, time is a critical aspect since it determines how resources are to be administered and how all the needs of the people who will attend will be looked into. The event was supposed to accommodate seven thousand people; however, eight thousand people have had their monies accepted and as a result will be in attendance for the event. This was because my assistant did not close the web registration for the event. In such a scenario, the first thing that I would do will be to consider whether making a refund for the extra one thousand people is a plausible thing. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

This is not possible since the amount involved is a sizable amount that indicates the desire by all those who made the bookings. As a result, one must consider the various options available so as to ensure that all people who would be in attendance would fit in the seminar. The first thing I would do would be to convene a meeting with the three key players including Peggy frank, Jennifer Dunn, and Bill Smith. The aim of the meeting would be to notify them that the resources needed for the event would need to be expanded so as to accommodate the extra one thousand guests that are expected. The best thing to do would be to expand the location through offering additional tents that would be set up at the open sources. I would also increase the amount of resources of the people since there is little time to change the location of the event and cancellation of the event at this stage would not be a plausible option.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Question Two

In the management of events, the number of guests that are expected is often unknown. When the number is unknown, it offers the planners with a daunting task of determining the resources to be allocated in terms of seats and other incentives that may be given to the guests. As an event manager, I would set up several plans that would look after the needs of the unknown guest counts. This may be through having excess seats for the unprecedented number of guests. I would also ensure that the parking spaces available also account for an increase in the number of guests. Having more rooms in terms of accommodation would also ensure that the needs of extra guests who were unaccounted for are looked into by the planning team.

For the given event, there are several items that could have been considered or included in the contingency plan. The first would be an alternative meeting place or theater that would accommodate more or less number of participants of the event. In such an event, the number of people may either fall below average or be excess of the number of people that the event managers ad planned in the first place. Having another location or theater that could accommodate more than seven thousand people could be an option that should have been included in the contingency plan of the event. The second thing that ought to have been included is the web registration system. The current predicament that is faced by the event organizers was caused by the assistance failing to close the web registration portal. Before selecting the location of a given event, the team should have ensured that the numbers of people who register for the event do not exceed the capacity of the identified location. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]



Singh, R. K. (2013). Event management. Chandni Chowk, Delhi: Global Media.

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