Essay Writing Sample: Diagnosing ADHD in US Children
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How US children are diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is a common challenge that many families face in the world. Much progress has been made to make the affected persons; especially children cope with this condition. This image is based on a smiling child with a doctor in the background. The fact that it has a smiling child seeks to show the viewer that even the children with this condition can still experience happiness. The fact that the child appears by himself shows that this condition affects their social behavior (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2016). The doctor appears to be smiling from the background while looking at the child. This reveals the milestone made by doctors to help American children suffering from this condition. Therefore, this picture reveals a lot of information that could be applied to a national perspective. This is a demonstration of his pride in helping this child that has ADHD. The web page has content whose font is easier to read with well-developed paragraphs. In conclusion, I find this image very informative in providing insight on the situation regarding ADHD among children in the United States of America. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Response 1

I would also like to add that the image portrays a diversity in culture. This is meant to show that this condition affects Americans as a whole and is not based on ethnic or cultural differences. That goes to show the contribution made by the CDC in ensuring that all American children access quality health services. Therefore, this is a way through which the CDC appeals to people from different racial lines to consider these health services for any affected children.

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Response 2

I find most of the responses here informative. The fact that so much can come from looking at an image shows how an organization such as the CDC can appeal to people in different ways. I also note that these images come in different sizes but the messages portrayed are vast. One thing that is evident in most responses is that the images portray the American society as it exists. People from different parts of the America could relate to these images.

Response 3

Some of the responses are based on the family structure. Children form an important part of the family and sacrifices are usually made to guarantee their health. ADHD affects children both socially and mentally. From a social perspective, the children are rarely considered normal by their friends, and that easily causes depression. Therefore, this picture of a smiling child with a proud doctor shows how important children are considered to society.

Response 4

I also agree with the effectiveness of the color used in these images. Clarity is guaranteed so that people get a glimpse of even the slightest details. My choice of image shows an image in which both the child and doctor have bright faces. This could only be associated with the delivery of good news. Based on the content, it becomes evident that children are a priority, especially with the ADHD concern. I also find the fact that the table behind the child has a notebook and pencils to be remarkable as it shows progress in dealing with the condition.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]


Center for Disease Control and Prevention. (2016, October 17). How US children are diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Retrieved October 19, 2016, from Center for Disease Control and Prevention

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