Essay Writing Sample: Comparing and Contrasting Africa: Rwanda
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In my life, I have been fed with negative information about life in Africa. The information that comes through the print media and social media and other platforms such as television and radio paint a despicable and hopeless life that All Africans lead in their respective countries. In particular, I watched a movie titled Hotel Rwanda that depicts the life in Africa and more specifically Rwanda, which amused me and thus ignited my curiosity about the quality of life is on the ground (Hotel Rwanda) Notably, at a personal level, I like carrying my research or trying to do what is humanly possible to find the actual side of a given scenario. In situations where I cannot provide my well-informed argument, I decide to rely on the available sources of information. In this case, I have lived knowing that Africa is a “dark” continent that struggles with diverse problems ranging from poverty to poor health care and death. However, this paper seeks to show that unlike this depiction, Africa is a vibrant continent with numerous opportunities.

The Imaginative Picture of Africa: Rwanda

Firstly, in my imagination, based on the information fed from different media sources, I believed that there is no city or safe place in Africa; and that the region is mostly jungles. The media has been printing the downside of Africa which includes the conflicts from one country to another. The tribal and religious elements in African conflicts are what the media has greatly magnified. The imagination for someone like me who had never been to any African country is that people living in African are always on constant warfare and killing each other every now and then. Notably, I have gradually come to a realization that the media gives selective reporting of African issues which has significantly contributed to several misconceptions about Africa. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]An example of such negative depiction is the African nation of Rwanda that is largely infamous for a genocide killing more than 100,000 people out of a tribal conflict (Berman, 2013). The movie I watched titled hotel Rwanda also depicts the country during the genocide period. This ignited my urge to visit Rwanda and see for myself how the county is fairing as well as get a feel of the nature of life in Africa. Among the burning questions in my mind was in regard to the lack of follow up reporting by media or content of how the country of Rwanda is now fairing or reconstructing after the genocide. Basically, all that comes to people’s minds upon the mention of Rwanda is the genocide that is also taught in history classes.  [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Besides perceiving Africa as a place of conflict, I also had an original picture of a “sick” continent. Evidently, one of such situations was the issue of Ebola. As was the reality, there has been a recent Ebola outbreak in Africa which was widely reported on the media. The deadly disease is among the fastest killers in the world and I have not heard any reports of an outbreak in any other part of the world other than in Africa. In this way, I believed that the whole Africa is affected and that it was risky to visit an African nation.  I have also heard disgusting news about terror in Africa where terrorist groups such as the Boko Haram in West Africa abducts young school girls and holds them in isolation. This coupled with the reports of war in countries such as South Sudan and Somalia paint an ugly picture of the life in African continent. Finally, I had the belief that Africans are struggling with poverty and hunger. As noted above, it is true that many countries in Africa are struggling to provide for their populations and that famine and starvation are common occurrences. However, even if this phenomenon affects most countries, it may not be the reality in all countries in Africa. Based on the above imagination, I settled on visiting the country of Rwanda which other than the genocide two decades ago has not been mentioned a lot in the media recently. I figured that this would be a good choice for a personal case study of the Africa continent.

The Actual Picture of Africa

Upon travelling Rwanda, I was surprised to get a different view. Firstly, the hospitality and peaceful nature of people the country’s capital city of Kigali Rwanda was amazing. The smiles on their faces told an entirely different story. The harmony and unity with which they welcomed visitors at the airport and in the hotel was an uttermost contrast to my perception of the African natives. In fact, there was not a single indication of war fare or starvation all through my week long stay and all I saw was vibrant nature and wildlife and a very rich culture. The country has a working government and the people seemed satisfied as they had been given an opportunity to vote in an electoral process just like in America.  I asked about the genocide and found that majority of the people had put this behind and were now keen on nation building and development. I also got to learn that Rwanda was among the fastest developing countries around the world but was more excited by the cleanliness of the cities and the political stability. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Another key aspect was the availability of an efficiently working healthcare system that incorporated modern equipment. The level of cleanliness in the health facilities was different from what the media had been telling the world and I also learnt that Ebola had only affected a few countries in Western Africa out the more than 50 Africa countries. On the other hand, there was no congestion in the hospitals and there was an evidently vibrant education system with several universities in the capital city of Rwanda. This trip was among the most exciting times I have had in my life as it opened my eyes to a totally different nature of life in Africa


In conclusion, I am of the opinion that it should be prudent for media platforms to provide the accurate and current information for different countries in the world instead of just providing general information.


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