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Nursing Supervisor

Nursing had always been a passion that I had since I was young. Serving people especially in the healthcare industry gives me a lot of satisfaction and is always fulfilling. When I joined nursing college, I knew I had to have specific targets and objectives that I wanted to accomplish in my career. This brought me to having a passion in management of the various workflows within a medical institution. This coupled with the effective skills that I adopted in management of human resources led me to pursue a career as a nursing supervisor. As a supervisor within such a large medical institution, it is my responsibility to ensure that all machines and equipment remain functional since millions of money is invested in these pieces of equipment. It is also important since it guarantees that patients and clients receive quality care within the medical institution.

Nursing Instructor

As a nursing instructor, there are several career goals that I want to accomplish in the near future. The first goal is to consistently impart knowledge to students from all walks of life. Transferring this knowledge is an important aspect that determines the fulfillment and achievement that I receive from my career. The second goal is to be ethical in all my duties and responsibilities. Ethical behavior is an important aspect that I studied in the Law and ethics in education course. This may go a long way to ensure that I avoid any form of civil liability that may arise from unethical behaviors.  Another course that will contribute significantly is the course of information systems in education. It will do so by allowing me to go through the most essential information needs of all the students within the institution. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Preparation, Experience and Accomplishments

Education has numerous influences to the society. These influences are social, political, economic, and historical. Historical aspects allow us to identify the various incidences in the past, these events help us to analyze and assess the future needs and changes that can be seen in the future. Economic influences allow us to assess the nature of the economy and how it can be improved. There are several structures within educational organizations that can be mobilized for engagement practice. These facilities include library resources, online databases, and open and distance learning facilities. Due to the much advancement that has been witnessed in the internet, it is now possible for educators to impart knowledge on students without the need to be physically in the lecture rooms and theaters. This means that education is now easily available for people across the globe. These resources also reduce the inconveniences that are associated with attending classes within the educational organizations.

Such engagement not only spreads education and other skills and experiences, it also offers students with a suitable environment that can help develop networks that can go a long way to determine the success of an individual in their career. Educational leaders and educational professionals have a huge role to play in enhancing that students receive quality education. This can be done through implementing procedures and strategies that are geared towards such goals. This can also be done through acquiring proper educational facilities that allow students to study while at the same time offer enjoyment. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

In educational practices, there are numerous ethical and legal issues that can arise. Legal issues may arise as a result of violation of the freedoms and rights of students. Educators and educational management must at all times ensure that any unethical practices within the institutions are avoided/ failure to do so may lead to personal liability and may lead to a situation where the institution is sued in a court of law by a student. This can lead to fines and unnecessary tensions between the management and the students.

In the modern school environment, diversity is witnessed by a significant extent since people come from different religions, races, color, and political affiliations. It is important when educators incorporate diversity in the programs that are implemented within the school environments. On many occasions such diversity leads to social vices such as discrimination. Discrimination leads to inequality and may affect the learning ability of many students. Educators must ensure that diversity is appropriately looked into. The management should also be equal and equitable in offering education to students to avoid any instances of inequality at these educational institutions.

When developing educational policies on educational institutions, it is always important to ensure that these policies are properly researched on. Such research can be used to develop the best reforms that can create significant academic excellence for students within the country. In the United States, many critics have often voiced their opinion that the current educational policies do not allow students to meet the educational goals and objectives that they are supposed to achieve. To make these goals realizable, the government must be involved in making extensive research on educational programs so as to being out reforms that could lead to success of students in the different schooling institutions across the country.  Such research could also expose the various places where past educational policies have gone wrong. This could in the future provide a framework that guarantees sustained success in the future.


The program provided me with an opportunity to understand how different things relate to each other. It also provided me with significant knowledge that I can apply in my career and daily life. This can allow me to be a better individual in the society while at the same time providing me with significant fulfillment. The program also highlighted the benefits of education and how it can be imparted on students so as to better their lives while at the same time developing a career for these students. If these programs are appropriately integrated into the education curriculum, knowledge could be imparted with ease in the future. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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