Essay Writing Sample: National Identification Card
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Question One

I oppose the proposition of every United States adult resident having to carry a national identification card. The whole idea was brought about after the September 11 terrorism attack. It is aimed to verify airline passengers’ identity as well as to prevent terrorists from getting into the country. Truth is this will not really curb the issue at hand rather it will create a false sense of security and will also not improve the country’s security (Kan, 2016). It is a rather superficial and a misplaced priority of trying to enhance the security of a country it in fact poses a major threat to civil rights and liberties. The following are my major arguments against carrying a national identification card system:

The system is not in any way going to solve the terrorism problem for example the September 11 hijacker were legally in the country and most of them had identification cards. Criminals and terrorists will go through the whole process of getting identification documents and regardless of them having digital fingerprints they still are going to commit crime (Kan, 2016). It is an ineffective, impractical and backward proposal that tries to hide behind technology to solve humongous economic and social problems.

The system will require the complicated process of creating a database of all Americans. This would create a numerous number of errors leading to the inconvenience of many citizens rendering some unemployable till their files are straightened out. The questions here are: What evidence is used to decide who gets a card? What action is taken when an ID card is stolen? There are no procedures that have been put in place to handle such cases.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

The system would result to strict monitoring of citizens. There would be a negative impact on the privacy and freedom of citizens instead of bringing about a sense of security. The privacy that every American citizen has been enjoying would be threatened and eventually increase government control over everyday citizens (ACLU, 2011).

Question Two

The United States should strive to become preeminent in cyber-attack technology as the country is a big target of the cyber criminals. The following are proofs of why the country should focus on trying to have the leading cyber-attack technology: Cyber-attacks have been on the increase in the United States and a threat to organizations in the country (Tittel, 2015). Fears of hackers disrupting the elections were immense as rumors had it that they could use high-profile leaks and distributed denial-of-service attacks tactics to influence the votes. Despite the assurance by the cyber security experts of the difficulty in hacking the U.S elections there were still doubts of the hackers starting up chaos on Election Day through other means. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

The United States had a massive DDoS attack that flooded internet connections and paralyzed popular sites especially the East Coast users (Tittel, 2015). The attack was from malware called Mirai. It was feared that the same could be used on Election Day causing inefficiencies like an attack being targeted towards a certain county and lowering voter turnout.

The attack largely took down the US internet and came at a time of unprecedented fears about US cyber threats. As earlier mentioned the attack affected access to popular sites including Paypal, Spotify, Twitter and customers of Dyn Company. The attacks came in waves starting with the East Coast, spreading to other parts of the country and crossing over to Western Europe (Tittel, 2015). [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

The crimes have been on the rampant in the country recently as criminals are even targeting small and midsize businesses because these businesses pay little attention to their security. These companies are major contributors to the economy as two-thirds of them contributed approximately $7.5 trillion to the U.S economy and therefore their protection should be a prime priority. The following are costs that could be experienced by a business during an attack; Loss of business, Reputation damage, Loss of company assets, Protection costs such as firewalls, encryption, staff and software, Litigation expenses in case of a sue case for the leak of customer information (Tittel, 2015).


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Essay Writing Sample: Violence In Media
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Violent media involves the display of violent actions in audio- visual means of communication, especially in television programs. Many research programs have been conducted, and conclusions on the effects of violent media on children have been discovered. A report in 1982 by the National Institute of Mental Health came up with three major effects of children watching violent content on the television. They include; children were becoming less sensitive to pain and suffering of other individuals. They may also become fearful of the people and the environment around them. Another major effect is that they may behave aggressively or act in harmful ways towards their colleagues (Association, n.d.). Children will also tend to see violence as means of solving conflicts among themselves. They also become anti-social in a way that it becomes difficult to fit into the social world. In a sample of the report on the congressional public health summit, 2000 it expressed various facts supporting the above effects of violent media (Neal, 2002).[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]


However, according to Gerald Jones, he said that violent media had a positive impact on the social lives of people. He argues that violent entertainment contributes to a healthy development of the young ones. Children, according to Jones, choose their superheroes very carefully. For him, his superhero was Hulk from the Marvel comics. He also came to write his comic books and action movies due to the influence by reading many comic books and encountering many superheroes.

Jones asks parents, teachers, and guardians of the next generation to evaluate and learn why entertainment is appealing to the children and the youth and establish a means of developing them naturally. Violent media content equips children with skills required in day to day life.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]Some of the benefits that are associated with violent media, according to toJones, are included; enabling a child to be stronger, trust their emotions and being able to withstand any pressure from the society and especially of the pop culture (Neal, 2002).

Jones was of the opinion that violent television programs should only have an adverse effect if the kids are not in a position to openly discuss it with their guardians. That view was based on the fact that if a child is interested in scary and violent content, then the parents should relate to him or she in this area by discussing the events viewed in the program. On the other hand, denying the child the access to the strong programs that the like will lead to rebellion and hence worsen the parent-child relationship.

A clearer perception of the positive impacts of violent content in the media is depicted by his life story. As earlier stated he was a fan of comic book and eventually got to write his comics.  He says that he allows his child to watch violent television shows as it allows his son “to negotiate the inner self and public self.”

Jones opinions are also supported by Melanie Moore, a Ph.D. holder in psychology, and Fowles, the author of the book “The Case for Television Violence” (Sage Publications). They both say that violent television content is therapeutic for the general population. They are of the opinion that violent entertainment is required for exploration of the unavoidable feelings and emotions they have been taught to deny. They agree with Jones that such scenes tend to pull people out of the emotional traps and barriers confined in (Folkenflic & Sun, 2000). In his encounter with Moore, he developed a program that would assist the young generation in improving their self-knowledge and sense of being effective and capacity to produce. Fowler quotes Michael Moriarity “Dramatic violence is the most useful tool for telling the invisible tale of right and wrong,” and “Violent drama has been the hallmark of every major civilization since the Greeks. It is not a disease. It is an immunization against the disease.”

In his book, it is clearly depicted that he is not in agreement with the pop psychologists who claim that the shootings in schools are caused by viewing of the violent content in the television shows. He says that any pop-culture story has its purpose regarding development. He goes further and emphasizes on supernatural characters having a hand in helping kids overcome powerlessness of the fact that they are young and small hence vulnerable. His argument is that children should be left to explore their feelings and fantasies as this would be blocking them from power and selfhood.


His assertions are however based on his life only, therefore, the information in his book does not apply to all other individuals. His information is based only on his findings of him observing his son, therefore, the information is insignificant for those kids that behave differently. Jones’ argument is valid, however comparing to the negative impacts of violent content it may seem that his findings are not logical. This is also apparent as most professionals including psychologists differ as more has been portrayed of the negative impacts rather than the positive impacts (Kaplan, 2012).[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Response to the presentation

Gerald Jones raises a valid view that is supported by few. He is careful to say that violent media is not harmless. His opinion is seen as optimism towards violent entertainment as he went through the experience of watching violent television shows and he did not turn out to be aggressive as suggested by the psychologist. His son suffers the same exposure and does not prove to be harmful. In his book, he points out that for violent material not to have negative impacts on the young generation then parents should get involved and allow an open discussion on such content.

However, based on research conducted by the psychologist, the best way forward for violent media is to restrict it to the children. This is because a child is prone to easy persuasion compared to an adult as compared to an adult as they lack experience and are in the process of learning. Therefore, putting Jones writings into consideration may be risky for a child. From the facts outlined in the congressional public health summit, 2000 statistics disagree with the opinions of Gerald Jones. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]


The degree of violence in a program should be put into consideration in the evaluation of the impacts of violent media. In Jones case, the Marvel comics may be considered to be less violent as compared to other scary movies. Therefore, Jones opinions are misleading as his evaluation of content exposed to be very shallow. And, a personal experience should not be used to prove an idea or opinion. My conclusion is that violent media should be restricted to children.



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Write My Essay Sample: Student Athlete
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College Student-Athletes and Student Support Services

Student-athletes are subject to a wide variety of different rigors and restrictions compared to the rest of the student body within a college and, as such, often require additional assistance to graduate. These added difficulties come in the form of the rules and regulations of the NCAA that they need to adhere to, the numerous practice sessions that they have to attend to keep their skills sharp, as well as various competitions they have to participate in throughout the school year. Combined, all these factors supposedly make it difficult for athletes to pursue the academic curriculums of their respective schools without some form of additional support. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]This is where Student Support Services (SSS) enter into the equation; through the assistance of SSS programs, athletes are given access to more academic resources that are not available to the average student. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.] These take the form of extra lessons, tutors or even study facilities that help to supplement an athlete’s educational experience. SSS programs are supposedly effective at what they do since, as of the latest polls taken by the NCAA, athletes graduate more often than the rest of the members of the student body. For example, Divison I athletes had an 82 percent graduation rate while the current Federal graduation rate for the student body in the U.S. is at 65 percent. What these statistics show is that despite the rigors and restrictions associated with being a student-athlete, they have high rates of graduation which is likely due to the SSS programs provided by the school. However, it must be questioned whether these graduation rates are based on valid academic competence. The study of McArdle, Paskus, and Boker (2013) which examined the academic courses recommended for student athletes showed that many of them lacked the sufficient rigors associated with relevant academic learning.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]There were instances where student-athletes were given a subject in Swahili which lacked any strict forms of educational testing and was considered an “easy A” subject (McArdle, Paskus, & Boker, 2013). As such, since many athletes are placed in courses that are custom designed by the schools to be less academically rigorous, are Student Support Services programs even relevant or are they just a waste of money?

Reference List

McArdle, J. J., Paskus, T. S., & Boker, S. M. (2013). A Multilevel Multivariate Analysis of          Academic Performances in College Based on NCAA Student-Athletes. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 48(1), 57-95.

Essay Writing Service Sample: Disaster and Emergency Management
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As a student and citizen, I have realized that disasters affect people in different ways and measures have to be put in place to manage the aftermath of such events. While this relies on the qualifications and availability of resources, the choice of frameworks and strategies also matters in determining how the effects of the involved disasters will be reduced. Before joining this class, I had a standard reasoning of disasters that it only required team responses to provide people with emergency supplies as they attempted to change the situation. Knowledge is important in disaster and emergency management as it determines the likelihood of success. in addition, I find knowledge as vital for my future application of this course’s concepts practically.  However, I now realize that disaster and emergency management is carried out in different phases (UMCOR, 2013).

The different phases are reliant on the nature of the disaster. Common disasters experienced in America include hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis among many others. The emergency response teams involved with managing such disasters are well trained to ensure they understand the nature of such disasters. This shows why knowledge is valuable in disaster management. For instance, when a disaster rescue team intends to save people from a hurricane, they must understand its source of origin and determine the best routes through which they could evacuate people. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

The nature of response also depends on whether the disasters can be stopped. Most disasters cannot be stopped, as they are associated with nature. This leaves the management teams with the use of their knowledge of the manner in which the disaster spreads and its duration. These two factors usually give the disaster teams enough time to determine the best course of action that could save the lives of people within the disaster radius. Even based on history, some of the mistakes made by disaster and emergency response teams have been associated with the poor implementation of knowledge about the disaster.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Knowledge is an important tool in disaster response as it usually determines the right tools to use depending on the disaster. For instance, in the case of earthquakes, people would be advised to move to open ground while staying away from walls and windows (Victoria State Emergency Service, 2016). On the other hand, people have always responded to hurricanes by staying on their rooftops to protect them from the floods. As a student, I have also studied the different disasters that took place in the past and compared the nature of emergency response. For each response that failed, there was a lack of knowledge on the manner in which the disaster moved or duration. Either way, knowledge remains an important tool to be used in disaster and emergency response. What makes people have vast knowledge currently is that disasters have happened in the past with a record of the different frameworks and strategies. Therefore, one just has to evaluate the level of success associated with past events in addition to the class concepts about disaster management and apply that in real life. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]


UMCOR. (2013). Phases of a Disaster. Disaster and Emergency Management, 1-2. Retrieved November 11, 2016

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Essay Writing Sample: Informed Consent
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Informed consent is a process where a patient understands the risks and benefits of medication or a test and willingly chooses to undergo the medication that the doctor has put forward. Informed consent is based on the legal and moral premise of the patient’s autonomy. A patient has the right to make a decision about his health and medical condition. A patient must give informed concept of treatment for most tests, and if the physician fails to obtain it before a procedure or tests, he is said to have committed battery; a type of assault. However, when a patient interacts with his doctor during a physical examination implied consent is implied. More complicated and risky tests require a patient to give the doctor a written concept (Blease et.al, 2016). However, the informed consent rule has exceptions in the case of situations where emergency medical care is needed urgently to prevent serious harm, or the patient is incompetent and is not in a position to give permission for treatment or testing.

Informed Consent

Informed consent has four necessary components: the patient must have the ability to make a decision regarding his treatment. The medical provider must disclose information on tests and treatment, which includes the probability that expected risks and benefits, occur; the patient must understand relevant information; and voluntary grant the doctor consent without duress or coercion. The decision-making capacity of the patient, also known as competency, requires that the patient can understand treatment options, consequences of choosing each option, and personal costs and benefits alongside personal priorities and values (Drazen et.al, 2013). If a patient is not able to meet the competency requirements, a court appointed guardians or family members to act as surrogate decision-makers on behalf of the parent.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

An ethical decision-making process entails bringing the moral values of people to bear on the reasoning that leads to a particular choice. Healthcare professionals have the responsibility of balancing the interests of the organization and an individual since decision-making is an essential part of the health care system. There are questions on the best and ethical system for protecting the patients from harm or negligence. For example, a patient rationality is compromised or absent when he is in his late stages of dementia. In such cases, most people believe that a family should step in as a decision maker because a relative protects incompetent members (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2013). However, the system dictates that the nurse should play a vital role in assessing the patient’s treatment and care. On occasions when patients are incapacitated to make sound decisions regarding their health, a nurse can make the choices on behalf patient and make such a decision to the patient’s best interest.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]


Nurses should participate in the informed consent process to offer the patients with the best treatment options by sharing decision-making and limit any probability for liabilities. A registered nurse is personally responsible for her practice and adherence to medical guidelines that protect the patient and the nurse. Nurses must consider the patient’s beliefs, preference, and values when making a medical decision on their behalf. Nurses should respect autonomy, avoid causing harm and seek to be just in their practice while at the same time uphold privacy, veracity, fidelity and confidentiality. Informed consent is, however, an important aspect of medicine as it enables the avoidance of complications that could have otherwise arisen if the patient had not consented. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]



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Essay Writing Sample: Cyber Intrusion
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Executive Summary                                                                                                  

The Response of the Intelligence Community During Such Attack                                                 

Top Priorities for the Intelligence Collection and Analysis                                                              

What to Tell the American Public About the Attackers                                                                   

Ordering a Counter Cyber Attack                                                                                                     

Conclusion and Recommendations                                                                                                   


Executive Summary

Cyber intrusion within the banking system presents a significant level of threat towards operations in various spaces of national interests. In the American setting, the issue of intrusion and DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) towards the local financial transactions on a large scale is not only a threat towards the bankers; it targets the entire financial industry and the national economy by extension (De Borchgrave 2001). Within this intrusion, the immobilization of five of the larger institutions in this space occurred within a malicious cyber-attack. In this setting, the functionality ideally targets a computer functioning online with the interest of interrupting its service to the users. The usability of cyber security elements in this setting is cut short and the sabotage that can target citizens’ financial data and abilities. Through the denial of service, such persons cannot interact with financials such as ATMs, account data, use of bank credit, and debit cards. The business implications are larger than the physical banking attributes that are directly affected, and the impact is felt across financially reliant services and websites that are exposed to these attacks (Clark and Hakim 2016). It is, therefore, necessary to appreciate the significance of the impact of these disruptions on standard operations within the government and towards American lives. The result of such attacks that encompass larger scales have long-lasting ripple effects on the capacity of the government to operate and towards the interest of businesses and individuals to interact financially.

 The Response of the Intelligence Community during Such Attack

In the initial assessment towards the implications of the attack, several consequences, and influences towards the aspects of security are expected. In response to these changes, it is imperative that the FBI take charge of a formal investigation in an attempt to explore the channels within which the events transpired (Tucker 2012). During this inquiry, there is a necessity to attempt to break down, understand, and identify all aspects that facilitated and allowed for the attack to take place. In a similar motion, the Department of Homeland Security should raise the crisis level while the country attempts to recover and adapt to the changes due to the occurrence. In light of the degree of impact anticipated, the crisis level should change from “considerable” to “caution” within which the preparation level is raised in a similar capacity (Tucker 2012). For the Defense Department, such aspects of preparations are in similar measure as the preparation for the aftereffects due to financial changes. As a defensive approach, the intelligence available is applicable in the attack DDoS technology, which forms the possibility of creating a limited bandwidth for the flooding technique (Kovacich 2016). This approach, as an option for the DDoS, presents the possibility of a larger number of attacks entering the DDoS as an aftereffect of the initial assault. Such flooding increases the possibility of the gap to be exploited further, which necessitates that defensive intelligence positions to be adopted by the intelligence community.

On the one hand, as the situation continues to evolve, it is possible that IT-related personnel is limited in the initial stages in countering similar aspects. For the FBI, this necessitates a better consideration of the situation to facilitate the understanding of the issues that acted within the attack in intelligence circles. With the increasing widening of the bandwidth over time, it became possible for hackers to modify their attacks within the current supply of information that can be collected and analyzed in cyberspace (Kovacich 2016). Therefore, this form of DDoS attack attempted to interrupt and paralyze the bandwidth, resulting in some secondary effects.

The consideration of the aspects presented by low-speed connections such as HTTP Post Attack and Slowloris are within the nature of attack observed in this setting. Since this kind of approach was not in violation of HTTP connection protocol, it is possible to consider that the low speed that the connection used facilitated the overlook by security monitoring equipment. The low-speed connection, therefore, falls within 10 seconds to complete, which was however overextended to achieve a longer period to avoid detection. The Slowloris attack, therefore, can occupy Session by taking advantage of this vulnerability within most systems (Kovacich 2016). The necessity of this information for an intelligent appreciation of the protocols occurring within cyberspace is essential for observing abnormal activity. Among the other possible aspects that present vulnerabilities include applications with the capacity to launch scripts when no updating is carried out (Kovacich 2016). [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]


Applications and utilities such as SSL Renegotiation DoS take advantage of the possibilities of reusing a link to paralyze a device within the network. Inasmuch as there is a possibility of engaging server protection services, the denial of service is eventually targeted to keeping operations online without their original usability to the end user (Clark and Hakim 2016). In this attack, therefore, it was possible to carry out an unidentified interaction with devices since the operations were still continuing while end users could not use these services. Paying attention to each of these aspects not only facilitates a better understanding of the aspects of cyber intrusion and DDoS attack but it also makes it possible to use these technologies to trace potential attacks or thwart attacks in progress (Bronk 2016). The possibility of mitigation of these attacks exists where the damage of an attack can be delayed or reduced on varying scales.

For the interest of facilitating DDoS protection and mitigation technologies, there is a need for the usage of the security information and fusing it with more precise DDoS extenuation measures:

  • A firewall – inasmuch as this may not directly save the entire system, it prevents the occurrence of simpler flood attacks that are softer in effort and are limited in resource (Galliott and Reed 2016).
  • Security patches – these should be installed periodically, such that the underlying defense of a network is maintained and is combined with the overall security facilities available. This form of central protection is essential in preventing updated attacks from becoming successful with emerging vulnerabilities (Galliott and Reed 2016).
  • IP Hopping – within a modified address, it is less likely that the active server limits the interest of the hackers with each attacking front (Kovacich 2016).

The mitigation techniques form the secondary defense which is more targeted towards specific vulnerabilities of a network. In this regard, they create a more complex protocol and can be classified and considered on varying threat levels and circumstances.

DDoS mitigation strategies (depending on varying factors) comprise of the following:

  • Abnormal recognition as a mitigation approach integrates detection of headers, states, and rates. Such detection can filter out attack packets – and thus is considerably able to bypass a firewall (Kovacich 2016).
  • Active Tuning Time – uses idle connections and removes such connection from the table of the server. Such tuning saves the firewall by avoiding the consumption of network resources (Kovacich 2016).
  • Source rate limiting becomes necessary in situations when there is an attack on a limited number of IP addresses. Through an analysis of the behavior of each of these addresses, it is possible to identify those that are not aligned to the behavioral specification (Tucker 2012). Through identification, it is possible to reject access to network bandwidth.
  • Blacklist and Whitelists mitigate the impact by allowing the network admin to permit or block IP addresses (Kovacich 2016).
  • Dark Address Prevention uses an identification of dark addresses through the usage of a flag that has not been assigned by the IANA IP. Such packets that interact in such dark addresses can be blocked, and during these attempts, it becomes possible to prevent users from copied DDoS packets (Tucker 2012).[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]
  • SYN proxies try to detect SYN flood attacks which are considered in comparison to the connection requests made. When comparing the SYN proxy requests, it addresses all requests identified in an ACK response (Bronk 2016).

The use of wireless remote controls facilitates the reaction of the departments under consideration in situations necessitating combat. The discussed management and specialized techniques facilitate the activation and protection of the network systems within internal systems. On a national security level, it is possible for hackers to use other tools to circumvent certain protocols, but on a limited scale (Tucker 2012). Such limited attack protocols are more easily identified. In this regard, the engagement of these broadly applicable tools makes it possible to determine intelligence within cyberspace and act on it in real-time depending on the attack models being employed within DoS.

Top Priorities for the Intelligence Collection and Analysis

In response to intrusion, it is necessary for intelligence collection to prioritize the comprehension of all processes involved. Such effort would facilitate a functional approach towards issuing emergency statements and varying the level of action to the most suitable setting (Tucker 2012). In this respect, it is necessary for the president to executively order a joint investigation into the attack. Such interest in investigation may be varied to match the threat level expressed in the most significant cyber security threats towards the nation. In this regard, it is essential that each of these actions is fashioned towards the establishment of evidence between foreign military and companies initially posing these threats (Tucker 2012). Such parties can then be considered and monitored. Accessing of intelligence on various communications might facilitate the understanding of the interests of the attack and use of advanced protection criteria in future based on this attack to solve emerging issues.

The intelligence agencies have the capacity to interact with the governments and use similarly oriented attacks in gathering information on the tactical interests of denial of service during the attack. With an emphasis on these aspects, it is possible that the combat weapon, in this case, can be easily controlled. Since each of these efforts comes after the successful engagement and launch of cyber warfare, there is the necessity to ultimately put an end to the enemy strategic resources (Clark and Hakim 2016). In this regard, the victory of such scenarios of cyber warfare requires that the US military adopts a more tactical position. These efforts demand that the advancement of intelligence collection and analysis capabilities place more prominence on some offensive aptitude, including the following (Clark and Hakim 2016);

  • The ability for the exploration of the enemy’s command and control – it becomes possible for the military intelligence cyber systems to use offense to prevent the extension of an attack targeting denial of service.
  • To explore and identify an enemy’s network vulnerabilities where information can be accessed
  • Subtly disrupt, paralyze, and take complete control of the enemy’s cyber systems where intelligence for the government can be extended during such offenses.
  • Through the usage of the available media network, it is possible for intelligence networks to contrive information and sabotage the enemy’s approach during an attack on internal systems.

What to Tell the American Public about the Attackers

Communication on the basis of this attack should be approached on a restrained level, whereby there is the understanding that the attack cannot be eliminated. In this regard, the address should capture a number of the following aspects: at the moment, the attack by the hackers is formed in a combined level of industrial and economic interests. The attack, however, should not be described as a directed diplomatic or corporate issue since it may interfere with the intelligence gathering and analysis process. In similar measure, it is necessary for the president to express the efforts undertaken by the intelligence community in responding to the issues. Such aspects may also be integrated into communication as a push by the president for counter-measures (Galliott and Reed 2016). [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

It would be ideally formed in encouraging the other government departments to share information on the cyber attacks. This response should integrate the interests of the intelligence community in digital identification analysis program. In this setting, such aspects can promote the dissemination of awareness and understanding, which is necessary for the stabilization of activities in response to the aftereffects of the attack (Galliott and Reed 2016). Also, it is essential for the overall government response to work closely with private companies affected by the offensive in the mitigation efforts. The recommendation in furthering and developing cyber defense capabilities relies on the capacity of the response that the president and his government offers to the sector (Bronk 2016). As such, the government has to fulfill its obligations towards the citizens and the private sector. Such effort, as captured by the president’s response, is included in clarifying the conflict in this cyberspace war.

Ordering a Counter Cyber Attack

The US President may be duty-bound to order a counter cyberattack due to the social pressure. However, some aspects should be integrated into facilitating such counter-attacks, with a variety interacting with diplomacy. Primarily, it is essential for intelligence agencies to adequately categorize the attackers’ IP address. This function of the intelligence experts and the agencies is necessary for pointing out the source of the hack. Therefore, inasmuch as the response is appropriate, to launch the cyber attacks, the agencies should use diplomatic sets (Galliott and Reed 2016). As such, the NSA, CIA, and FBI are tasked in the joint implementation action discovered in the interrogation of the attack and identify vulnerabilities in enemy’s network. The NSA carries the capacity within cyberspace to intervene within counter tactics in assaulting large-scale mobile cyber activities which form the basis for the initial attack (Galliott and Reed 2016). As such, it is essential that the response is in similar measure to the original attack, which limits the abilities of the enemy.

Conclusion and Recommendations

In the overall understanding of the aspects surrounding this attack, it is essential that some aspects change in response. After the consideration of the issues surrounding intelligence and the concerned government agencies, it emerges that the influence of the preparedness level is significant in mitigating impact. The issues assessed in the discussion considered what DDoS attacks integrate, the protocols that are attacked in the process and the effort that is included in the further prevention of the attack. Aspects such as brute force attacks and the use of web applications to circumvent checks also present limitations to the data attack in consistently overloading a network until it crashes. DDoS protection and mitigation tactics given above as a recommendation can be attained by decreasing the sensitivity of the entire system. Also, it is possible to separate authentic requests from harmful to filtering methods and overrides.

It is feasible to forward a number of recommendations in response to the attributes of these attacks, within which the hackers’ technical point of view is integrated. Based on intelligent control of cloud security, it is possible to phase the security level that some loopholes offer to the network. Similarly, based on the products that exist, the gaps that firmware and networks present on a national level simply within the interest of intelligence and defense of the internal system. There are a number of ways to respond, within which combat operations are based on the Internet protocols that act in offensive attack or the real-time flow as a security protocol in each of the web application discussed. Combat unit network operates as a unit within network security flexibility and adaptability.

In a similar effect, in the interest of furthering security protocols and layers of security against similar attacks, it is necessary for additional protocols to be used. Through the fusion of the discussed intelligence tactics, it becomes possible to respond to threats in real time and to engage preemptive assaults against the enemy. Inasmuch as DDoS attacks take the most rudimentary approach in development, as a form of cyber threats, their mitigation still necessitates a significant level of preparedness. Since DDoS mitigation is more problematic, there is a need for the discussed strategic approaches by intelligence to shift focus to the application layer. Such strategic modification is targeted at making protection more functional. All other interests by the government informing solutions and mitigation procedures should align with the security interests expressed in the discussion.



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Write My Essay Sample: Alpha Female
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Inferential Statistics in Nursing

The quantitative problem statement in the article by Ward, Popson and DiPaolo (2010) is whether it is possible to measure the concept of the alpha female in society. The quantitative purpose statement is to develop a short theoretically sound measure of being an alpha female. The quantitative research question is whether it is possible to prove the existence of an alpha female in society through the development of a test specifically to test this outcome. The hypothesis of the study is that the measure will present a constellation of behaviors that are associated with being an alpha female (Ward, Popson & DiPaolo, 2010).

The data was collected by a survey in which 637 women from a total of 12 small and medium-sized Universities from the Midwest and Northern United States. A total of 500 email addresses were randomly retrieved from the university databases in addition to 137 signing up or the survey online. The data was analyzed by randomly splitting the sample using SPSS 15.0.

[Click Essay Writer to order your essay] Thereafter, the analysis was conducted through the explanatory and confirmatory factor analyses, and the structural equation models. There were different scales used to determine the interrelationships in the data set. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

The benefit of using the selected statistical test is that it allowed for a comprehensive measurement of the corresponding statistical results from each data set. The statistical test allowed for the data to be split in order for a more accurate analysis to be conducted with ease. The outcome of the study was that the AFI measure can be used to identify alpha females in society. The results indicate that an individual must score highly on the three scales for them to be considered an alpha female (Ward, Popson & DiPaolo, 2010). Therefore, the opportunities for personal development, skill enhancement and self-awareness have been enhanced as a result of the outcome of this study.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]


Ward, R. M., Popson, H. C. & DiPaolo, D. G. (2010). Defining the Alpha Female: A Female Leadership Measure. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 17(3), 309-320.

Essay Writing Service Sample: Price Elasticity
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The elasticity of demand is the responsiveness of demand to changes in the price of a commodity. Price elasticity of demand is the measure of the relationship between the change in quantity demanded of a given good and change in its price (Pauly, 2013). Factors that affect price elasticity of demand include the availability of substitutes for the good, the proportion of income spent on the commodity, the number of uses the commodity has, the durability of the product and whether the commodity is a necessity or a luxury. A commodity may be termed as having inelastic demand if changes in quantity demanded are not affected by variations in the price. Demand can be termed as elastic when PED ›1.This can be illustrated as below:

Change in price of a laptop: increase by 20%

Change in quantity demanded: 40%

Price elasticity of demand= Change in quantity demanded/Change in price of the good

=40%/20%= 2

This shows that the demand for laptops is price elastic.

Change in price of a packet of cigarettes: increase by 10%

Change in quantity demanded: drop by 5%

Price elasticity of demand= 5%/10% = 0.5

This shows that demand for a packet of cigarettes is elastic.

Of the two examples, the demand for laptops is more price elastic than that of cigarettes as it has a higher value for its price elasticity. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

The importance of elasticity in a business can be divided into business decisions and production decisions. For the business, knowledge on the elasticity of demand for a product can enable them to predict sales revenue (Pauly, 2013). This would be substantial for budgeting and other organizational purposes. Knowledge on the elasticity of demand enables a business to plan a tax shifting strategy, i.e., if a commodity has elastic demand, the tax will be shifted back to suppliers while a product with inelastic demand will have the burden of tax shifted to the consumer. Finally, the most critical need for knowledge on pricing is to inform a business’ pricing strategy. Overpricing of goods with elastic demand will lead to a fall of the application for the good while inelastic demand allows management to increase the price of the good (Tellis, 2014).[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

The best time of the year to raise flower prices would be that time when demand for flowers is high. This would include festive seasons, public holidays and romantic holidays such as Valentines. This is because raising flower prices at a time when demand is low would lower the demand even further. Flowers are perishable goods and therefore cannot be stored for extended periods of time in anticipation of an increase in prices (Tellis, 2014). The business would benefit most from periods of high demand; losses due to spoilage would be decreased.

The elasticities in the flower business are income and cross elasticities. Cross-elasticity is the degree of responsiveness of the demand of the quantity demanded of one good to changes in the price of another good (Tellis, 2014). Income elasticity, on the other hand, is variations in the request of a right that is influenced by changes in income of consumers; because flowers can be classified as luxuries as opposed to necessities, the income consumers are willing to spend have a significant influence on the total demand for flowers at a given time.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]


Pauly, M. V., & National Bureau of Economic Research. (2013). Price elasticity of demand for term life insurance and adverse selection. Cambridge, MA: National Bureau of Economic Research.

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Essay Writing Sample: Ludwig van Beethoven
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Essay Writing Sample: Ludwig van Beethoven – Symphony No. 5 by Gustavo Dudamel

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Gustavo Dudamel is a Venezuelan violinist and conductor who is the music director of the Los Angeles Philarmonic and the OrquestaSinfónicaSimón Bolívar (Simón Bolívar Youth Orchestra). Dudamel is well known for his advocacy for social development through music and his commitment to working with young people in his Venezuela. Conducting the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra at the Philharmonie de Paris in 2015, Dudamel delivers a sterling performance of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67

The Philharmonie de Paris is expensive and was surprisingly full with lovers of Beethoven’s work apparently anticipating the performance. The dimmed lights on the sections where the audience sat contrasted with a brightly lit stage ensured the focus of the audience was solely in the performance. The members of the orchestra seemed rather pensive, dressed in the traditional attire; black tuxedos and white bow ties that presented a neat picture and alluded to the skillfulness expected of the performance of such a legendary piece. Each member played his or her instrument with an intensity that matched that of the conductor. Dudamel appeared to be rather at ease, often seeming gleeful at certain points in the symphony. His dramatic style was evident in his motions as he was conducting the symphony, often leaning to the side with dramatic flair at the crescendos and climatic parts of the movement. While hugely entertaining, his movements had a precision that spoke of a seasoned conductor. [Write my essay for me?” Get help here]

The audience present for the performance was as responsive as it was completely consumed by the performance. The silence that signaled the beginning of the symphony was alternated with brief episodes of reactions from the audience. The most noticeable reaction was that of extreme silence during the transmission from the third to the fourth movement, the theater became so quiet one would be tempted to think the entire audience had held their breath for the two minutes the silence lasted. By the end of the performance, the audience looked eager for the final note so that they could stand up and give the raucous applause that followed the exemplary performance.

The symphony which was composed by Beethoven during his most productive years (1804-1805) was scored in this performance for two trumpets, piccolo (fourth movement only). Three trombones (alto, tenor, and bass, fourth movement only), two flutes, timpani (in G-C), two oboes, two clarinets in B? and C, two bassoons, double bassoon (fourth movement only), two horns in E? and Cand strings. The symphony has the following four movements:[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]
Allegro con brio which is the first movement, opens with a four-note motif famous in Western music. It starts with two dramatic fortissimo phases that command the listener’s attention. After the first four bars, imitations and sequences expand the theme by following each other in a rhythmic regularity. A short fortissimo played by horns follows soon after before the introduction of the E?major theme which is more lyrical and makes use of the piano and the string accompaniment featuring the four-note motif. The bridge and a brief solo passage of the oboe precede the end of the first movement.

Andante con moto is the second movement which is a lyrical bit in double variation form. It is in A? major that presents two themes and varies their alteration. They are followed by an extended coda which ends the movement.

Scherzo Allegro is the ternary form which makes up the third movement. It contains the central scherzo, the contrasting trio section, the return of the scherzo, and a coda. This movement goes back to the opening C minor key that is played by the cello and double basses. The horns then introduce the main theme of motion.

Allegro, the fourth movement presents an exhilarating finale and begins without a pause from the transition. The music resounds in C major instead of C minor which is expected to finish this key. This triumphant finale is an unusual variant as the music halts and continues after a pause with a reprise of the horn. A crescendo similar to that introduced at the opening of the movement signals the completion of the piece.

The concert leaves one with the feeling that comes with having witnessed something so great that it cannot possibly be adequately described with words. This performance not only reminds one of the reasons Beethoven is a musical legend but also the ability of modern composers to give his works the exemplary performance that it deserves. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]


Work Cited

“Ludwig Van Beethoven – Symphony No. 5 | Gustavo Dudamel [HD].”YouTube, 15 Mar. 2015,

Write My Essay Sample: Deviant Behavior
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Deviant Behavior: Homosexuality

In the societal realm, deviance or deviant behavior is an action that is considered to deviate or violate the social norms that are believed and held by the people. In any culture or society, there are certain codes and norms that each member of the society is expected to follow. Any violation from these norms may on many occasions lead to breaking of certain rules and may call for the personal prosecution of an individual who breaks these norms. In this deviant behavior paper, I chose homosexuality as a deviant behavior that is considered criminal in one society and normal in other societies. The behavior is considered to be deviant since it is accepted in some societies or countries whereas it is not in other countries. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Homosexuality is defined as a romantic association, sexual behavior or sexual attraction between members of the same sex (Dallas, 2015). It may be between two males or between two females. In the past, homosexuality was seen as an evil and a sin by many societies across the globe. However, the effects of civilization and liberalization of societies have made people moiré lenient and some societies have allowed such individuals to enjoy their freedom. However, there are other societies that do not consider such actions or associations to be lawful. As a result, in some countries or societies, individuals who are suspected to have such associations may be personally persecuted since the association is considered to be a crime and thereby ought to be punishable.

Global Significance of Homosexuality

In the past few decades, there have been many movements that have had significant impacts on the lives of millions of people across the globe. Since the women suffrage movement in the United States to the civil rights movements, numerous debates have often risen across the societies on the rights that should be accorded to various individuals within a given nation. These campaigns have on many occasions focused on the family and the rights of each individual as guarded by the constitution within a given jurisdiction. In the past twenty years, one of the topics that have on many occasions hit global headlines is the marriage equality. However, a recent survey suggested that there is a surprising divide that seems to be growing on the notion of acceptance of homosexuals and homosexuality across the globe (Vasey-Saunders, 2015). Such a change makes it important to address the issue of homosexuality as a deviant behavior.

This has led to heightened debates across many leaders in both the society level and on the political realm.  As many countries continue to accept people who are gay, some other countries have strict laws that call for the death penalty, imprisonment, and on some occasions may lead to life imprisonment when an individual is caught or suspected to be involved in activities that suggest that they are attracted to individuals who are of the same sex. From an assessment of the level of acceptance to homosexuality across the globe, I came to a conclusion that most of North America, Latin America, and Europe have a higher level of acceptance than in other regions across the globe. The regions that I identified to have the least level of acceptance to homosexuals included Africa and most parts of Asia.

Most of the nations in Asia, more so the Middle East, that are predominantly Muslim have a very strict guideline in relation to individuals who are homosexuals or participate in homosexual activities. This is mainly because Islam has strict guidelines and laws that are expected to be followed by every individual within the society. On the other hand, Western Nations have in the past adopted liberal policies that assert that the freedom of an individual ought to be the most paramount thing to any individual and not what the religion or government places upon the people. From the research, the nations that had the highest level of acceptance to homosexuals included Germany, Spain, Canada, and the United States.

As a result, discussing the issue is an important step towards understanding why different countries have various levels of acceptance for homosexuals and homosexuality. I chose to focus between the Western Nations and Asian countries that are predominantly Muslim States due to the fact that there have been numerous rights violations that have happened in these Muslim States due to the lack by the society to allow individuals who are gay to enjoy their life as they wish. Choosing these different societies allows an individual to understand in close detail the repercussions that may befall an individual who is a homosexual in one society and what they would face in a different society. Focusing on these two different societies also helps point out to the notions that different people have over a given matter and how changes can be made in the future to correct these differences.

Why Homosexuality is considered Criminal in one Society

There are a total of seventy three countries across the globe that have criminal laws that relate to sexual activity that is considered to be homosexual in nature. These activities may either involve gays, lesbians, bisexual, transgender, and intersex. These laws range from imprisonment, punishment, and even the death penalty. In many Muslim nations, the death penalty is applied to any individual who is suspected or caught performing activities that are considered or said to be homosexual in nature. There are several reasons that are given by various societies on why homosexuality is a criminal offence and individuals ought to be punished if caught in the act. The first reason is based on the fact that the institution of marriage has since time in memorial been defined as a relationship between a man and a woman and not between people of the same sex.

This idea is supported by most religious leaders across the globe and societal leaders especially in nations that have criminal laws against homosexuality. The second reason is due to the perception that marriage ought to be for procreation purposes and thereby homosexuals cannot bring forth children. Sex is seen by many people in these countries as an activity that should bring forth children. However, homosexuals cannot bring forth children since they belong to the same sex.  This has been an idea that has been brought forward by many religious leaders across the various religions since no religion allows homosexuality. In Muslim Nations, Islam states that homosexuals need to be punished through the worst punishment possible and this further explains why homosexuality is considered to be a criminal offence in these nations in parts of Asia.

Some of the countries where homosexuality is considered to be a criminal offence often state that it denies a child the chance to have a mother or a father. This is due to the fact that it creates an association that cannot bring forth children and thereby it is legalized. There has also been a huge risk in same-sex associations than in normal associations. In the United States, for example, the rate of HIV transmission is higher among homosexuals than to other members of the population. This means that these countries make homosexuality illegal or a criminal act since it increases the chances of HIV transmission and thus ruining the health of millions of people across the jurisdiction that they govern.

Homosexuality is also perceived to promote sexual promiscuity. This is based on recent studies that suggest that homosexuals are more likely to cheat on their partners than other people in the society. Such promiscuity is seen as a social vice in the countries where homosexuality is considered to be a criminal offence and thereby these countries have set up measures that mean that any individual who is caught to be performing such acts may be subjected to the relevant punishment by the authorities. Banning homosexuality also tends to close the door to more social vices that may be observed within any society in the future. Homosexuality is in itself an instance of moral decay and this can only be stopped when the vice is made illegal across the globe. It would be unimaginable centuries ago if people of the same sex were allowed to have sex. As a result, it would be unimaginable if it is made legal since it may open the door tro other social vices such as bestiality.

Why Homosexuality is not considered Criminal in one Society

In the Western Nations, homosexuality is seen to be normal and not criminal for several reasons. The first is that making such an activity or orientation would mean that some people would be discriminated against and this would create a second class of citizens who do not deserve the same level of rights as others within the society. Such a scenario would over time create animosity between these two different groups. It is also perceived that everyone within the society ought to have the same level of benefits as are enjoyed by others within the society. This means that the differences that exist between us should not be used to determine the benefits that one receives.

Some of the differences include sex, age, skin color, and race. There is also the idea that the traditional concept of a man and a woman has changed over time. This change has been as a result of civilization and most Western Nations have accepted such changes and embraced them (Chitando, & Van Klinken, 2016). As a result, many people see homosexuality as something that we all should accept while at the same time allowing all people to enjoy the life that they would like to lead. There has also been a mixing of cultures between people from all walks of life. Such mixing of cultures has led to a huge increase in diversity not only at the workplace but also at the society level.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

People have over time lost their identity to a given culture and this has created a society that is very liberal and one that is open to changes that take place on a daily basis. Such acceptance has increased the likelihood of people in Western Nations to view homosexuality as something that is a basis right for every individual. In the United States, for example, gay marriages and associations are protected by the constitution (Spahiu, 2016). Such protection means that liberty and equality can only be enhanced at the societal level when the rights of homosexuals and other people who have varying sexual orientations are protected. When such protection is removed, many people in the country who identify as homosexual may come under the wrath of the public.

There have also been perceptions that allowing individuals to live their lives the way they choose also enhances their welfare and well-being. This means that when individuals who are homosexuals are allowed to lead their lives the way they want, they are more likely to have imported health and well-being. In regions where homosexuality is outlawed, these individuals often suffer from depression due to the stigma that is brought about by realizing that one is different from the others. Such a realization may also lead to fear and uncertainty and may over time lead to suicidal thoughts among the individuals who identify themselves to be homosexuals or gay. Such acceptance also reduces the instances of such an individual from developing mental illnesses that may affect their health. As a result, homosexuality is not considered to be criminal offence in these countries.


Theories Explaining Homosexuality

There are several theories that have over time been used by psychologists to explain homosexuality and why people turn into the behavior. The best theory that best explains homosexuality is a regression to the earliest stage of development among children. In the Western Nations, there are more homosexuals than in the Muslim states in Asia. This is due to the fact that children are exposed to various cultures and this stimulates a desire in them to be different from other people. This desire over time leads to homosexuality since children are pushed to be different from others.

It has also been observed that homosexuals are often characterized by an overprotective parent or where one of the parents is absent during the initial stages of development of the child (Meyers, 2015). This can be used to explain why in Asian nations especially those that are Muslim States, there is a lower number of people who are homosexuals. This is due to the fact that children are brought up in normal families where the mother or father is always present. In the Western Nations, the high rate of divorce coupled by social and economic pressures mean that there is a high chance that a child may be brought up without their mother or father or when the parents divorce or separate.

These theories are an important step that can be used by different societies to bring to an end to the deviant behavior of homosexuality. These theories explain the roots of the deviant behavior and how parents together with the society in general can develop more acceptances to people who are born as homosexuals or develop such sexual orientation as they grow up. They can also be used to help homosexuals to accept themselves as they are since they are human just like everyone in the society. Such acceptance can lead to improved welfare and well-being and this could go a long way to enhance their health especially mental health. Countries which have criminal laws against homosexuality can also learn from these theories through the assertion that being homosexual is not a criminal offence but a thing of sexual orientation (Cheng, Wu, & Adamczyk, 2016).


From an analysis of the deviant behavior of homosexuality that is discussed in this paper, I came to a conclusion that the Western Nations’ perspective towards the behavior is the best policy and one that should be upheld by all nations across the globe. My assertion is based on the fact that sexual orientation ought to be a personal freedom of an individual and not something that should be interfered with by the state or the society. The idea of offering people with the same rights and freedoms ought to be preserved and the criminal laws that are set up against homosexuality ought to be forgotten in the past.

In my opinion, homosexuals do not harm anyone within the society and thereby need to be allowed to do what pleases them most and not be forced to live by the guidelines that are set up by the society in general. Looking at the four pressures that surround any deviant behavior, it is clear that each ought to be involved in bringing an end to the strict homosexual policies that are in place within the countries that have made the behavior illegal. The political realm can be involved through developing policies that protect the rights and freedoms of every individual within the country.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

These laws lead to oppression of people who languish in jails instead of living their normal lives and allowing the country to be more successful in the economic realm. The social pressures associated with homosexuality have also over time led to increased anxiety and depression across the societies. This has increased the susceptibility of individuals to suffer from mental illnesses across the various societies. In my opinion, homosexuality needs to be legalized across the world since the behavior does not harm others within the society.



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