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Advances in research pertaining to the quality of public health on environment have shown remarkable results. A growing interest in this field has been attributable to the need to enhance public health quality. Concerning the aspects such as the loss of biodiversity, urban sprawl, the widespread nature of non-communicable diseases, discourses on nature studies vis-à-vis the ecological factors, could be a fodder for scholarly inquisitiveness (Zelenski & Nisbet, 2014). Under these considerations, arguments abound within the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches for better concept to enhance positive health outcomes. Scholars have documented that ecodiversity plays a significant role in environmental research studies, hence the need to encourage researchers to scan individual nature connectedness and how such influences might affect the lifestyles and interactions.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]



Nature relatedness explores the levels of individual connectedness or linkage with the natural environment. According to Zelenski and Nisbet (2014), nature relatedness is akin to the deeper ecological concepts, which are attributable to the natural world. Nature relatedness redirects appreciation for and conceptualization of the human interrelationships with the natural world. According to Dutcher, Finley, Luloff and Buttolph (2007), nature relatedness is distinct from environmentalism. Their exploration goes beyond activism; the focus of green politics. Nature relatedness neither denotes the love for nature, or the attribution of pleasant facets of nature.  Notably, nature relatedness fronts a deeper abstract understanding of the significance of all the aspects of nature, including those, which are not appealingly oriented or directly beneficial to humanity, such as pests and rodents (Nisbet, 2013). Nature relatedness consists of the cognitive and physical connections that humanity has with nature. As an area that enhances identification with nature, nature relatedness tends to collate the human thoughts and feelings about individual connections to nature (Capaldi, Dopko, & Zelenski, 2014). Nature relatedness also reflects a peripheral perspective in that, it offers a nature-linked worldview concerning human activities and the impacts of such activities on the environment. Dutcher, Finley, Luloff, and Buttolph (2007) opines that nature relatedness also mirror physical fluency with the natural world and enhances the awareness the immediate surrounding.


Whilst not every connection between happiness and nature could be discerned across these studies, the general patterns of the results are a pointer to important inferences:

Emotional relatedness to nature is distinguishable from other psychological affiliations in the lives of humanity.

Nature relatedness has a way of predicting happiness regardless of the situation which might be characterized by other psychological factors.

Psychological relatedness with nature often facilitates sustainable approaches to the natural world, and may offer an important impetus to preserve the natural environment.


The study seeks to enhance the understanding of the ways in which the ecological factors exert selective strains on individuals and to what extent such strains impact psychology (Zelenski & Nisbet, 2014). In this therefore, psychological anthropology stands out as a study of wellness, which takes advantage of the special places in a number of faculties including medicine and science (Zelenski & Nisbet, 2014). Usually, most of the studies, which spring from other disciplines, such as psychology, health, and environmental sciences are somewhat detached from physiological anthropology (Dutcher, Finley, Luloff, & Buttolph, 2007). On the other hand, some research insights explore that psychological anthropology stand aloof from other related fields within this area of study.



Detachments from the natural environment could be the main contributor of the destruction of the planet. Zelenski and Nisbet (2014) suggest a new construct with a built-in scale, which assesses the efficacy, cognitive, as well as the experiential characteristics of humanity’s connection to nature. In their first study, Zelenski and Nisbet (2014) explored the internal aspects of the nature relatedness in a sample of student participants through factor analysis. In phase, the authors tested the hypothesis validity of nature relatedness with respect to variety of personality and environmental measures (Zelenski & Nisbet, 2014). In their second study, Zelenski and Nisbet (2014) fronted experience sampling methodology to establish whether if nature connectedness individuals spend more time in the open, to experience nature fully. Across studies, nature connectedness showed a closer relationship with environmental scales, lifestyles, and time frequencies secondary to validity and reliability of NR (Dutcher, Finley, Luloff, & Buttolph, 2007). The potentiality of nature connectedness as a useful tool for studying human-nature interactions as well as the underlying processes to environmental shrewdness is discussed widely. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]


Zelenski and Nisbet (2014) conducted binary nature focused study with one concern in mind: Is feeling nature connectedness associated with personal happiness? In their first study, the authors measured the feelings of individuals’ connectedness across diverse settings, including nature. The termed as relatedness, the concept of how people emotionally connect to their natural world. Applying a Likert-type gauge, participants in this study rated their relatedness to nature by their conception of self and that of the natural environment. The results found that among the different happiness scales from various participants, the link between happiness and nature was highly obvious. Besides, the results demonstrate that not every individual that lives in the natural habitat and seem to appreciate it automatically receive the benefits attached to it (Zelenski & Nisbet, 2014). Besides, nature relatedness and other analogous psychological benefits attached, have close connection with the mental well-being of individuals whether they subscribe to the natural world or not (Dutcher, Finley, Luloff, & Buttolph, 2007). Briefly, nature relatedness and the scales attributed to it can measure the fascination of individuals who have interest in nature, and desire to connect with it. The measurements offered by Zelenski and Nisbet (2014), transcends the bounds of superficial affection to nature, and taps into the consciousness and concept of the natural world. In these studies, general connectedness predicted happiness in humans, while nature relatedness occurred as a significant and distinct indicator of numerous happiness pointers, which stayed on even after controlling other forms of connections. Zelenski and Nisbet (2014) results backs the idea that nature connectedness could be a route to human happiness as well as environmental sustainability. However, by confirming this causal pointer, the results of these studies provoke the need to explore additional research in this area.


The primary objective of this study was to explore the association between nature connectedness and happiness while considering whether this relationship is due to a universal sense of relatedness or a more explicit connection with nature. Zelenski and Nisbet (2014) replicated earlier research studies showing that personal relatedness with nature and other aspects inherent within it envisages happiness. Significantly, though, nature connectedness remained a vital pointer of most indicators to happiness. Again, despite some discrepancies in their findings, the patterns displayed by the assessment tools, samples, and a range of happiness indicators are pointers enough to enhance their predictions (Craig, Logan, & Prescott, 2016). These results of these studies put forward that nature connectedness has a distinctive happiness clout, which is hard to dismiss in a variety of social or cultural settings.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]



One of the most important objectives of this study was to determine whether the feeling nature connectedness is associated with personal happiness. More precisely, the researchers sought to determine whether nature is the sole determinant of the things that makes people feel more associated to life, thereby giving them a sense of contentment. Results suggest that nature connectedness has a distinct touch to happiness benefit, and this goes beyond the more comprehensive advantage of being compassionate about to one’s family, friends, home and country. From the forgoing analysis, it is evident that the human connectedness to nature corresponds to varieties of human welfare, thus nature connectedness plays an extremely vital role in upholding positive mental health. While these studies offer a rich data on the bond between happiness and nature, they nonetheless, build on numerous previous studies, which link the health and welfare of humanity to the natural world. In essence, pursuing these knowledgebase data gives rise to a whole new area of study that warrants the input of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach, which includes psychologists, ecologists, spiritualists, and philosophers. The positive link between nature and happiness epitomes the synergistic correlation between personal health and the well-being of the natural habitat. In the modern day globalized society, the human craving for the natural world supersedes all other demands because this is the hallmark of sustainable growth and development. Ideally, the human positive connection to nature is the best bet for all generations to relish refined health, happiness, and welfare. These very connections are apt because they have the surety of healing the planet, while imparting a sense of environmental consciousness in individuals.


Zelenski, J. & Nisbet, E. (2014) Happiness and feeling connected: The distinct role of nature relatedness. Environment and Behavior, 46(1) 3–23.

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Essay Writing Service Sample: Label
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Misunderstood Label: Loner

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One of the labels that have unfortunately been attached to me is being called a loner since I rarely seem to be in the company of other people. Some of the assumptions that I had overheard when people thought I could not hear them was that I was either socially awkward or had some for of mental illness that prevented me from talking properly. Nothing could be farther from the truth since I am rather sociable when I want to be and I consider myself to be an eloquent speaker. Simply put, I enjoy the peace of mind that solitude brings me from time to time.

A loner is simply an individual who is not defined by those who they are surrounded with. Who they are, the essence of their being and what they want out of life is the result of deep personal introspection into who they are as a person. A lot of people tend to make decisions based on how it will impact their relationship with those around them, loners base their decisions on its impact on their life and its future. I may be alone a lot of time, but I do not feel lonely at all, even if the only company I have is my own thoughts.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Loners are, in essence, people who have come to terms with who they are, what they want out of life, and have developed the necessary mindset to pursue their goals without being dependent on others. While, from the perspective of other people, it may be a strange life to live, it is perfectly fine for people like me. Loners do not define themselves based on the views of others; rather, we strive to develop our own perspectives, our own views and live life the way that we choose.

Personally, I cannot see how some people can put up with the sheer amount of interference and noise that assails them on a daily basis. Whether it is their phone ringing, their friends constantly talking or the background noise in a mall that makes thinking hard to do. For me, being a loner is someone that understands the value of peace and quiet, who is entertained by their own thoughts and is an individual that desires periods of solitude simply to recharge. The way I am is due to my desire to have a state of mind that is not chaotic, filled with the constant cacophony of people all around me. I like being alone since it is a way that helps me stay sane in an increasingly insane world that is filled to the brim with events, people and things that seek to drive away your personal thoughts in favor of the chaos it brings.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

I think that people have become so concerned with presenting an ideal image of themselves to the world at large that they have started to forget what it is like to simply bask in the quiet of solitude. Day in and day out, people strive to showcase a facade of who they are to people they probably do not like, all for the sake of social niceties and their own ego. For loners, this attitude is tiring, repetitive and is quite simply insane from our perspective. Living life by your own definition and doing things based on peace of mind rather than appearance is something that we strive for. Are we weird for not going along with the inane concepts that have been spread by pop culture, probably. However, if this is weirdness, then I accept it wholeheartedly since I feel far happier and more at peace with who I am as a person compared to when I strove along the same path of social conformity that used to define my existence.

For people who think that being a loner is a sad reality, I say that you should save your pity for yourselves. I live a life that is free from conformity; I do not have the shackles that society has imposed on the rest of you, and I have developed the capacity to make my own choices based on what I want. If the price of all that is to have fewer people surrounding me, then it is a price that I would gladly pay for the peace of mind that I have. My mind is at peace, I am free, and for all of you that live based on how people define you, I have nothing but pity for your situation. It is nothing more than a jail where the bars are not as obvious but are just as strong as those found in the most isolated prison cell.

Collaborative Activity

The most interesting aspect of my classmate’s list is how they viewed themselves in relation to their environment. It is always interesting to note the different ways in which people see the world around them and how it influences what they do and how they think. Overall, I would have to say that it is definitely a useful list but seems to lack sufficient examples in showcasing how their label applies in more situations.

For example, in my list, I compared how my label is influenced by the general environment and through personal interactions. A similar comparison was not utilized by my classmate which makes it more difficult for their identified characteristics to standout or be understood in the context that they are trying to frame them in. Examples are relevant when it comes to any type of work that is attempting to create a comparison with something since they can create a concept that can be more easily understood which would enable people to relate to what you are saying. For instance, if you are trying to help people understand the dynamics of marketing and its impact on consumer choice, you could use product presentation as an example (ex: how the look of a product makes it more appealing to certain people). [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

By using scenarios that people can relate to and have experienced, this makes them more likely to understand your point of view and relate to it. Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, this was missing from my classmate’s work which is a shame since the topic is rather good, but it could use a “boost” so to speak when it comes to the point of view that they are attempting to showcase.

On a positive note, I found my classmate’s views on their behavior interesting and rather funny. Their behavior contrasts significantly with my own since I tend to be on the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to my interactions with people and how I choose to interact with the general environment. Despite this, it is always interesting to see how people view their own behaviors and how they believe it influences and impacts their day to day lives and activities.

One interesting aspect of how they depicted themselves is how they explained their attitude and perspectives changed over time and how it influenced what they became as a person. It is always interesting to see how a person “grows up” so to speak since there are a lot of internal and external influences that go into what makes a person into the man or woman they become. Seeing this change in “action” so to speak is interesting since it shows how my classmate’s behavior has been altered through the years into the person they are now. I would have liked to read more about this process in their list since it is a fascinating point of view and shows how their definition of who they are as a person changed over time. I would have liked to know more about the events behind these changes and the various influences they have had.

Sometimes, though, I start to question whether people define their own behaviors as normal or consider them as abnormal when compared to the behaviors that society says they should have. I consider my behavior to be completely abnormal since it clashes with the type of behavior society says I should have. In some cases, people could consider their abnormal behavior as being normal and that it is society itself that is behaving abnormally. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

This is just a small thought I had when I read my classmate’s list, and I could not help but bring it up. Overall, I would have to say that I enjoyed reading the list and doing this activity. I hope that in the future, I would be able to do something similar again since I do like learning about other people.

Essay Writing Sample: The New Education vs. the Old Education in Athens
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Education remains an important feature in every society, and this is with good reason. The evolution of man has been characterized with the education of different aspects that led to the modern world. In Athens, education has also gone through different stages, and that provides the chance for people to make a comparison. Many factors show the differences between new education and old education in Athens.

Old Education in Athens

Ancient Athens was considered the brightest city in Greece while considering education and cultural studies. The old education system was focused on synchronizing the body and soul. This means that the old education system was based on physical exercises and music. People were required to attend gymnastic classes and music school. This means that the primary purpose of education at the time was to help people develop mentally. Even though people would still get to learn the facts, it was not the core objective of the education system.

The education system was aimed at making people fit to become better citizens. Patriotism was one of the key aspects, and it involved the children from birth. Learning started early to ensure that people were well versed in their culture. Art was also one of the primary ways through which education was delivered. In Athens, poetry was a common form of learning, and all boys were required to be fluent. The whole logic behind attending the poetry classes was for the students to be able to distinguish between perfect and crude art. Other forms of learning included science and philosophy among many others. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

The old education system was private, and people had the choice to choose whether they needed their children to attend school. It would be important to note that even the people from the poor communities would strive to ensure their children achieved at least the basic education. While boys were educated at the homes of the respective teachers, girls would be educated at home. While at an early age, the children would be taught Grammata, which includes arithmetic, reading, and writing (Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs of Hellenic Republic, 2014). Once the students proved to have an excellent command of the language, they would be taken to the next step, in which they would be introduced to great poets.

Modern Education in Athens

The modern education system in Athens is triggered by the interaction of the country with other nations. It has changed rapidly with students now focusing on ways through which they can solve the country’s social and economic problems (Morgan, 2014). Students are required to attend lectures, in which they are taught a range of subjects. There has been an emergence of teachers that can teach everything. In addition, both male and female students learn in classrooms depending on the grade of their studies. This marks an end to the different ways in which students were taught with regard to gender.

Education is no longer a personal decision for the parents. It is considered a necessity and all parents have to ensure their children are educated. The education system has also been improved to ensure the students are conversant with modern world affairs. For instance, economic classes play the role of producing students that can work in the government to ensure the economy performs soundly. The initial system that made people form a bond with the government has ceased to exist. People now believe in a capitalistic system in which they get value for every service offered. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Contrast of the Old and New Education in Athens

While comparing the old and new education system in Athens, it is evident that the core objectives vary. In the old systems, the reason behind education in the past was to make people who would be patriotic to the country. However, in the new education system, people are educated to make them earn a living. The interaction between Greece and the other countries has made people feel the need to adapt to the capitalist system. Even the fact that Greek is a member of the European Union shows why such a system becomes necessary for the Athenians to adapt with such an education system.

In addition, the infrastructure involved with the education system has been widely associated with these education systems. In the past, people would be educated in local rooms or at home. However, modern Greece has schools, universities, and college buildings in which students can access vast reading materials. For instance, students can find books on different subjects. In addition, the students can also learn through magazines and newspapers. The main contrast between the old and new education is that people choose to specialize in the modern world. For instance, people become scientists, lawyers, or even doctors. While looking at the old education system, people would all become artists and patriots. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]


Therefore, there is a sharp contrast between the old and new education systems in Athens. These have played a role in defining the nature of students and country performance. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]While comparing the current education system with other countries, it is evident that it will also evolve with the aim of meeting the world demands. The students become the biggest beneficiaries as they can choose whatever disciplines to pursue depending on their preferences.


Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs of Hellenic Republic. (2014). Education in ancient Athens.

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Write My Essay Sample: Evaluation Tools
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There have been increased concerns about the methods used in teaching K-8 students. These concerns have led to the introduction of different evaluation tools. The tools are meant to assess the reading ability of the students by subjecting the students to some activities related to reading exercise. One of the evaluation tools that have recently been introduced is the Development Reading Assessment (DRA-2) tool (Brosi, 2011).

The tool is being used in studies on the evaluation of reading fluency and comprehensiveness in K-8 students. It is better as compared to the originally used Basic Reading Inventory (BRI) which only tested the comprehension skills of the students by just providing a list of words and stories after which the students are asked questions.

The process of implementing the DRA-2 evaluation tool includes administering tests to students that assess their reading abilities by a series of stories that are progressively challenging as the teacher evaluates the accuracy of the students in reading out aloud, retelling the stories, and responding to questions related to the stories (Brosi, 2011).  This way, the teachers will be better placed to observe, record, and evaluate the changes in the reading performance of students systematically.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

In areas where this tool has been used, there has been a positive impact on the reading skills of the students now that it increases the reading proficiency of the students. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.] The advantages of this tool over previously used tools include its sound reliability and validity analysis. It is an easy to apply and administer evaluation tool, as it enables automatic scoring of students’ progress. The feature makes it is more efficient as it also provides enhanced reporting features used for additional analysis of student results; to ensure consistent assessment administration. The constant assessment capability enables schools to keep data on all the students’ performances and thus guaranteeing a transparent grading system across schools.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]


Brosi, E. (2011). Table 1.2: Academic/educational attitudes and values. In Measurement tools for evaluating out-of-school time programs: An evaluation resource.

Essay Writing Service Sample: My Personal Goals
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My life has always been guided by the desire and aspiration to teach. To a large extent, I have strived to pursue my career in teaching and offering guidance as much as possible. My current job involves providing instruction to military personnel before their deployment. As an instructor, my duty is to equip the military members with relevant knowledge that will help them on their mission. It is essentially a job that exposes me to the realities of teaching while enabling me to develop my skills even further. The job offers me the necessary foundation for building my career as an instructor in the medical field. I have a yearning to teach in a medical environment such as a nursing school or a community college. My current job has enabled me to develop the necessary skills in teaching and instruction to help me further this dream. In any case, teaching experience gained in one field always helps significantly in case one changes the job.

Career Goals

As an instructor, my career goal is to develop my skills better through experience in teaching military officers and to transfer this experience to teaching in an academic institution. I am currently guided by the motivation to teach, and my career is fully defined by this motivation. I aspire to develop an active and fruitful career in the teaching fraternity. While I understand that many people venture into the field, mine is a strong desire to use my skills and experience for the betterment of the society by teaching and offering guidance in the medical field. My career is guided by sharing my knowledge with others and watching people excel through my instructions, teaching, and coaching. Currently, I teach various classes ranging from survival skills to communication. My concentration in education has provided me with an opportunity to implement the academic knowledge I learned to the actual environment. I teach my students about critical skills, and I also develop myself better. In the process, I prepare myself for my career development process. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Preparation, Experience, and Accomplishments

My current concentration in education adequately prepares me for my career objectives. I have gained valuable experience on how to analyze social, political, and economic influences on education. I fully understand how education is affected by these factors and the imperative need to consider these variances when teaching students (Cappello & Moss, 2010). I recognize that schools are often affected by historical, political, and social factors thus affecting the acquisition of information by the learners. In the medical fraternity, I understand the legal factors play a significant role in influencing the nature of education.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here] To this end, I am adequately prepared to understand these issues and apply them effectively while teaching. My career will, therefore, be guided by professionalism and the need to maximize output for my students. I have gained so much from understanding how education can be enhanced through the various dynamics. I am therefore fully equipped to offer my instructions from a perspective of full understanding.

My concentration also enables me to identify structures and policies in education institutions that can be used for engagement in practice. Indeed, educational organizations provide the best platform to grow and nurture talent. In many educational institutions such as schools and colleges, students are exposed to practical situations that help them to develop their skills. In education, students conduct instructions to the community, school, and other institutions in order to practice what they have been taught. I have therefore gained an ability to take advantage of such opportunities and develop them further for the interest of my students. The success of any student depends on the mentorship and guidance they obtain from their instructors. I, therefore, attach much importance to mentorship programs found in colleges since they enable students to grow holistically and develop their skills. Throughout my career, I will ensure that I develop structures that facilitate the teaching profession with a focus on practical learning skills.

Across the education system, different players have their duties and responsibilities to accomplish. My concentration has enabled me to fully delineate the roles and tasks of every player in the sector. I understand that educational institutions can only succeed when every party is committed to their role. As a teacher, I know that my role is to teach my students in the best way that supports their growth and development. When given a responsibility to manage an institution, I will understand the need to grow and support every aspect of that school in order to foster growth. The course has enabled me to learn and understand about the various leadership theories and how they apply to the real situation. I know how the education system works and the different ways to manage education. I have gained research skills that I can use successfully to obtain more information on the field and further grow knowledge and support education. Moreover, the course has exposed me to the skills of developing a student-centered approach to learning.

I understand that learning becomes productive when the student is most engaged and fully facilitated. The concentration has further enabled me to identify and recognize the many sources of diversity and inequity in education. The social inequities realized in life greatly affect the learning process (Cappello & Moss, 2010). Children from low-income families cannot always access quality education. In many poor neighborhoods, educational institutions lack many facilities and support structures. Students in such environments must, therefore, be helped to make them at par with their counterparts in better schools. Similarly, in many urban communities, students are exposed to diverse cultures and systems due to the different races and cultures inherent in such environments. These issues play a prominent role in shaping the students’ perspectives on life. The course has given me skills to understand legal and ethical issues in education and how to apply them effectively.

My coursework has greatly facilitated my ability to be a better teacher and instructor in the teaching profession. Before the course, I found it difficult to determine whether my students were gaining something from my teaching. I did not have the skills to understand student behavior and their ability to grasp instructions. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Today, I am well equipped to understand student reaction to my teaching. I, therefore, teach in a manner that best suits my students. I vary my mode of teaching depending on the nature of my students. The course has therefore been valuable for me. Also, my experience in this program enables me to understand the various changes that are constantly seen in the education sector. I have the skills to effect change to the best interest of my students. Any change process I initiate will be focused on improving the teaching profession. The exposure I have received from the course has made me better-equipped to write recommendations that can help to improve education. I am more focused on curriculum development since I see many loopholes in that area.


Cappello, M., & Moss, B. (2010). Contemporary readings in literacy education. Los Angeles, CA: SAGE.

Essay Writing Sample: Case Study Analysis and Strategy Proposal
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Social responsibility changed with considerations from different viewpoints, and the obligations of organizations towards this CSR is, therefore, a varying practice across the industry. In this analysis of the internal and external influences of CSR, it is imperative to appreciate the significance of leadership, and the level of education of such persons in management. In comparison to the changes that are occurring to efforts in social responsibility on a global scale to the previous standings, the discussion will also define a case whereby CSR changes have become a challenge, and in this way, format a strategy proposal.

Analysis of Social Responsibility

Based on theoretical discussions, it will be possible for the research to engage various aspects within the organizational environment in either theoretical or practical capacity. Through the assessment of arguments from Swanson (2014), the significance of leadership in using CSR to create images is compared to arguments by Dillon, Back and Manz (2014),[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]which attempt to justify empowerment of social responsibility through practical management. Organizational strategies on an ideal platform can formulate functional internal and external stimuli for the engagement of ideal CSR strategies. Also, the assessment of a corporate strategy in the field also aims at appreciating the market status and revise its strategic plan. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Ethical Decision-making

Decision-making in the organizational setting links with the strategic position of the management in their interests in community and societal responsibilities within their operating environment. Du, Swaen, Lindgreen and Sen (2013) propose the consistent repositioning of organizational ideals towards a better ethical CSR approach. All activities engaged in this process must, therefore, align to their obligation to act towards the ultimate benefit of the general society. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]


Dillon, P. J., Back, R. M., & Manz, C. C. (2014). Authentic corporate social responsibility based on authentic empowerment: An exemplary business leadership case. The Journal of Values-Based Leadership, 7(1).

Du, S., Swaen, V., Lindgreen, A., & Sen, S. (2013). The roles of leadership styles in corporate social responsibility. Journal of Business Ethics, 114(1), 155-169.

Swanson, D. L. (2014). Images of the self: Toward a model of CSR leadership. Embedding CSR into Corporate Culture, 13-33.

Write My Essay Sample: Organizational Culture
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Innovative culture can serve as a catalyst for efficiency and growth, but it can also be a source of frustration, stagnation, and even regression within an organization. The prospects of innovation, in and of itself, is not solely dependent on the type of change being implemented, but the success or failure of organizational change rests primarily on management’s ability to match new policies with existing structure, and the managerial staff’s understanding of the dynamics at play within their organization.

A manager that assumes the role as change agent should be attuned to the preexisting environment of her group and which policies have led to success previously. New policies should build upon past success or be specifically engineered to correct prior difficulties. A change agent should also marshal support from others while designing and introducing instruments of change. Assistance from ideas champions will help to deliver the intended message of the new organizational change and lend credence and confidence necessary for broad buy-in among organization members.

The process of effecting change within an organization requires all of the aforementioned virtues along with a tolerance for and plan to mitigate likely responses to new direction. Among these likely responses for the organization’s staff are risk and conflict. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]Risk, the likelihood that there will arise discord and disharmony during the organizational change or that operations may be hindered through the initial stages of reform, should be accounted for and evaluated diligently throughout the process. Adverse reactions to change should not come as a shock to the manager staff, to the contrary, risk of adverse reaction should be expected and a strategy to deal with issues that may arise should be well-formed and ready to employ.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Conflict is one of the risks that commonly arise during periods of organizational transformation. Conflict can present itself in one or more of several possible ways. First, conflict among organization members is a likely result of unrest within a member community. Suddenly, organization members (employees) are being asked to alter their routines that may have been formed over a significant period of time. Disruption causes uncertainty, uncertainty causes stress, and stress fuels conflict. The second source of conflict may arise between the organization and partner entities outside of the business or group. If innovative change is pursued without consultation with adjacent organizations, a disruption similar to that which can plague intra-organizational harmony can present itself.

In order to mitigate the risk of conflict, both within the organization and with partner organizations outside of the group, managers should be receptive to feedback and malleable enough to adjust to concerns or negative trends. This ingredient within an effective change agent can be difficult to establish in a short period of time. The trust that fosters valuable feedback is a product of consistent behavior and policies that express value to the perspectives of employees. In situations where such a dynamic is not established beforehand or when the manager is unsure just how solid the relationship is between managing staff and lower-level employees, effective innovation is not unavailable. While it does not completely preclude the ability to undergo organizational change, it does require a greater level of diligence in the area of communication to lubricate the flow of unfettered and candid feedback.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

In conclusion, effective management through organizational change requires a well-rounded understanding and commitment to the areas likely to be impacted. This commitment calls for an appreciation of stressors and their effects on employees, as well as the foresight to devise systems to deal with conflicts swiftly and appropriately. Change is always risky but through proper consideration and attention to detail, organizational change can be enacted to promote growth, increase efficiency, and build a stronger and more durable organization.

Essay Writing Sample: McDonald’s
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  1. Examine the countries where your company does business according to where they rank on the Hofstede cultural dimensions. Think of some examples of how a U.S. manager would need to modify his or her behavior when communicating with associates from one or more of these foreign countries.

McDonald’s is the largest chain of fast food restaurants across the globe with 36, 538 outlets in 119 countries. This has ensured that the company has opened some branches in foreign countries and is has entered the African market with gusto through Kenya following Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and Subway as they aim to capture the East African Market. The management needs to ensure that their managers exhibit an understanding of the culture in their communications and behavior when dealing with associates. The need to understand the peculiarities of the culture are essential especially in the initial stages of setting up market. For example, when a manager from the US is communicating with business associates from Kenya, he must exhibit flexibility even when attending a formal event such as arriving early in time to learn other people’s names so as to address them by name as per the culture of Kenyan business environment.

  1. Does your company operate in any countries that are considered very politically or economically risky?

Yes, the company has operated in economically risky countries like Mexico. This has been as a result of low confidence of the consumer and the uniform slowdown of the economy. This has led to slow growth of the company, though it has considered maintaining the units in such countries.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

  1. Does your company primarily operate in civil law or common law countries? What are some of the implications of this?

McDonald’s primarily operates in countries that operate under the civil law including Australia, the US and New Zealand among others. The implications of this are that business laws and regulations are detailed and outlined as per each industry especially under business law. The result is that in case of infringements such as theft of trademarks and business secrets, there are specific processes to be followed. As a result, as Stephen (2014) outlines, McDonald’s can judge the level and form of competition that it may likely face in a new market to safeguard its interests (Stephen, 2014).

  1. Has your company purchased any insurance from the U.S. Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC)?

No, the company has not yet purchased any insurance from U.S overseas private investment corporation though some of the products supplied in their outlets are sourced from farms that have been insured by OPIC.

  1. What are some key intellectual property protections, if any, that your company possesses? When do these protections (e.g., patents) expire? How does your company intend to recoup lost revenues due to any patent or other intellectual property protection expirations?

McDonald’s possesses the intellectual property protections for its trade secrets and food recipes especially for its sandwich the “Egg McMuffin.” McDonald’s also has logos and patents that it protects under the federal unfair competition provisions of the Lanham Act. For example, its service mark rights and trademarks are protected in Section 43(a) (Bitton, 2012). For personal use, one is allowed to copy, download, view or print all the material displayed on the site but also ensure that the all the copyright or trademark contained are not tempered, modified or altered in any way. McDonald’s reserves and owns all title, rights, and interests in and to intellectual property rights in all content available on their site. The company renews its intellectual property right annually to avoid expiration. It has not lost any revenue through expiration of any patent or intellectual property protection.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

  1. Find the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) score for two countries where your selected company does business, one country with a relatively high score and one country with a relatively low score. Search for news stories about corporate financial scandals in these two countries. Prepare a summary of news stories about financial scandals in these countries. Briefly describe what you perceive are the risks of corruption, such as paying bribes, that your selected company might face in these countries.

According to Transparency International (2015), Japan has a Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) score of 75 while Lesotho has 44 as per the year 2015 (Transparency International, 2015). The latest biggest financial scandal in Japan is that of Olympus Corp that happened in the year 2011. This was a fraudulent takeover that involved hiding $1.7 billion losses that had happed for a span of 13 years. The former chairman of the company and two more executives pleaded guilty in 2012 for covering the losses. The company was fined $5.6 million, and the adviser to the company was jailed while the three former officials were granted suspended the sentence. Lesotho has been hit by numerous financial scandals, though most of them are not documented. One of the biggest scandals involved water project where a large sum of money was lost but was not reported to the shareholders for fear of losing confidence among the shareholders.

  1. Determine your company’s mode of entry into foreign markets. This should be based upon a serious analysis of your company’s risk-return tradeoff. In your opinion, has your company taken the right approach?

McDonald’s uses various modes of entry depending on the nation that it wants to set business (Lymbersky, 2011). First, the chain selects the country to enter and then determine the appropriate mode of entry. The company has business partners and associates in different countries. The company often prefers to work in partnership with existing players for new markets, build an alliance with players that exist on the market. After years of experience in that market, it then goes alone. The company has taken the best approach because it gives McDonald’s the ability to evaluate the market and economy of the country before deciding to go alone.

  1. Does your company have an exit strategy? Recall that exit strategy are to be determined before entry into the foreign market, rather than after entry.

McDonald’s strategy to exit in a market is through franchising. This was evident when the company was exiting from the Taiwan, Japan and Korean market in April 2016. and had to sell off its assets to other companies. This strategy entails the company selling its directly-managed stores and maintaining the jointly-owned stores. The sales have been sluggish in these Asian countries owing to the slow economies.

  1. Critically and objectively evaluate how ethical your company’s global operations are and determine if they are good corporate citizens (i.e., do they have a well-thought-out corporate social responsibility program for the long term?).

McDonald has been criticized over its unethical practices globally especially in matters regarding to its poor pay and mistreatment of employees. In New York, workers went on strike demanding better pay and the right to join unions was echoed in 33 countries across the world (Gibison, 2016). In Brazil, it has been accused of wage theft, mistreatment of pregnant employees and poverty-level pay. Although this strategy of paying its employees poorly has been fundamental in making the chain-store wealthy, it leaves the employees underpaid. As a result, they cannot be said to be good corporate citizens.

  1. What is the corporate mission statement of your target company, assuming it has one? How well do the company’s actions adhere to its stated mission?

McDonald’s mission statement is:

Our mission is to be our customers’ favorite place and way to eat & drink. We’re dedicated to being a great place for our people to work; to being a strong, positive presence in your community; and to delivering the quality, service, cleanliness and value our customers have come to expect from the Golden Arches – a symbol that’s trusted around the world.

To a large extent, the company has adhered to its mission statement except for its treatment of workers as outlined in question 9.

  1. On its strategy formulation, would you categorize your company as a shareholder model or a stakeholder orientation? Why?

McDonald’s is a shareholder model. The company ensures that the shareholders of the company are aware of its operations and have voting rights and the chain store works to increasing their dividend value

  1. is the company a stateless corporation? If not, is the company on its way to becoming a stateless corporation?

The company is a stateless company. It’s currently operating in over 33 states in different parts of the globe and keeps on expanding to every region in the world.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

  1. What type of organizational structure is the company currently using?

McDonald’s is currently using the hierarchical functional organizational structure.

  1. Do you think the company may benefit from a hybrid or matrix structure? Why or why not?

McDonald’s can benefit from a hybrid organizational structure. This is because the structure adopts both divisional and functional structures at the same level of management. This body can operate in both the public sector and the private sector fulfilling public duties as well as commercial market operations.



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Transparency International (2015). “Corruption Perceptions Index”. Transparency International. Transparency International Indexation.


Essay Writing Service Sample:Christianity
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Sample by My Essay Writer


To understand the rise of Christianity in Rome, it is necessary to examine how the religion developed within the region and the subsequent events that took place that led to it becoming the state’s dominant religious practice. However, it is also necessary to separate fact from fiction since many of the events and depictions of Christianity during this era are filled with hyperbole and outright falsehoods due to the tendency for exaggeration when it comes to retelling historical events.

For example, the story of Constantine’s “vision” before a critical battle never actually occurred, as historical records show, and Christians were not fed to lions in the Coliseum as a form of grisly entertainment to the Roman masses. The truth is, admittedly, more bland in comparison to the outlandish stories surrounding Christianity’s rise. Were Christians persecuted in Rome in 300 AD before the birth of Constantine? Yes, but only to a certain extent given the presence of other religions within the region.

Rome During the Early Church

Rome was one of the most progressive city-states since it espoused a form of religious freedom which enabled people in the area the freedom to worship, to a certain extent (policies and levels of tolerance often changed based on who was in power). However, at the time, Christianity differed significantly from its other counterpart religions since it was still defining what it was. You need to remember that, from the standpoint of religious development, Christianity during 200 AD was still relatively young and lacked the many rituals, writings, scripts and traditions that it possesses today (Meynell, 2016). [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

During 100 AD it did not consider itself separate from Judaism; rather, a different aspect of it born from the teachings of Jesus. It was found to be more of a movement rather than a religion. It was only by 300 AD that Christianity was able to develop many of the familiar religious texts, traditions, and ideas that are visible today which resulted in what many describe as an “orthodoxy” that gave rise to the concept of Christianity being separate from Judaism. In the decades leading up to 300 AD, Christianity was a minority religion that was practiced by barely 10 percent of the Roman population. As seen in various countries around the world in the present day, members of minorities tend to be discriminated against by the majority. This helps to explain why historical records at the time point towards the persecution of Christians in Rome; however, it is unlikely that events spiraled into state-sponsored killings of Christians in the Roman Coliseum. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Understanding the Persecution of Early Christians and the Rise of the Church

The persecution was based more on the lack of sufficient legality and recognition surrounding Christianity than an actual abhorrence of the religion. Simply put, Christianity as an underground movement worked against it since it was viewed as potentially politically destabilizing due to the lack of sufficient information surrounding it. Combined with the presence of different Christian sects, each with its own opinion, resulted in a state of disunity that prevented the early church from putting up a genuinely united front. Its rise within Rome is thus connected to its legalization under the law which enabled it to receive the same protections as other recognized religions.

This legalization was brought about through Constantine who, after his military victories in both the West and East and after defeating his rival Maxentius, became the de facto head of Rome. However, Constantine’s legalization of Christianity as a religion was not a decision brought about through a vision or divine intervention; rather, it was due to the influence of his mother who was secretly a Christian and had instilled many Christian values, ideas, and concepts into Constantine since an early age. Without his mother’s influence from an early age, it is unlikely that Constantine would have developed the same positive inclinations towards Christianity. As such, it is ironic that the present day Roman Catholic Church, which has a distinctly patriarchic orientation, owes much of its power, prestige, and basilicas to the matriarchal influence of a woman on her son.

Constantine’s rise is thus connected to the rise of Christianity since its legalization, and subsequent redefining under Imperial ideology through the Edict of Milan resulted in a state of mutual tolerance by 313 AD. A few years later, Constantine passed several new laws that focused on preventing the persecution of Christianity which enabled the religion to spread throughout the Roman empire due to the lack of potential prosecution and Constantine’s patronage of the faith. With Constantine commissioning the creation of numerous cathedrals around Rome and the subsequent cementing of Christian doctrine under the First Council of Nicea by 325 AD, this created the perfect situation for Christianity to not only gain prominence but to rise as the future dominant religion within the region (Jones, 2014).

Impact of Constantine on the Rise of the Church

What you need to understand is that Constantine’s legal and financial aid to the early Church was instrumental towards its rise since this enabled it to have advantages that other religions within the area lacked. Combined with a social campaign from 324 to 330 which focused on changing the public mindset away from paganism and the Imperial Cult towards Christianity, this enabled the nascent Church to exponentially increase its followers. This precedent set by Constantine paved the way for future Roman Emperors to adopt the same ideas surrounding Christianity resulting in a slow but gradual conversion of not only the Imperial Senate but of the Roman citizenry in general into Christians.

One aspect of the rise of Christianity that is particularly notable during this period was Christians being placed in leadership positions within the government. With Christians in positions of power and the respect the general Roman citizenry had towards Rome’s hierarchical system of government, this placed Christianity in a positive light and profoundly influence public perception towards being a Christian. Aside from this, Constantine was shown to implement hiring policies that focused on placing Christians in positions of power over those who were from other religions.

In fact, records from this period of time reveal that Constantine pressured the members of many prominent Roman families to convert to Christianity if they wanted positions of power within the government. Unfortunately for many of the non-Christian religions within the Roman Empire, the shift from a ruling body that was composed of the Imperial Cult and minor religions to one that eventually became predominantly Christian was the death knell for policies of religious tolerance within the country (Maier, 2015). While Constantine was biased towards Christianity, this policy seemed oriented towards a peaceful and potential intertwining of Christianity and paganism in the future. Upon his death and the subsequent introduction of Christian-oriented governing bodies and emperors, this possible peaceful co-existence made way for a reversal of fortunes wherein instead of Christians being the ones persecuted, it eventually became members of other religions who were the ones being victimized by members of the Church

Even after the death of Constantine, from 320 AD to 402 AD, the rise of Christianity in Rome resulted in the subsequent decline of other religions within the empire. From a state of religious tolerance, the Christian majority eventually implemented new policies which persecuted other religions resulted in Christianity becoming the official religion of the Roman Empire. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

The Church and the Fall of the Roman Empire

It is interesting to note that, for some scholars of history, they point towards the Church as being one of the main reasons behind the fall of the Roman Empire. However, it should be noted that from 295 AD onwards, the Roman empire was actually in decline due to a combination of disease, famine, mismanagement of resources and attacks from Germanic states. Though there is some credence to the correlation between the fall of Rome and the rise of the Church. The growing influence of Christianity also lead to bishops also gaining substantial political and social power within Rome. When taking into consideration the already chaotic nature of Roman politics and bureaucracy and combine it with the personal and church-oriented interests of the bishops, this created, even more, instability within the Roman government.

Considering the fact that many scholars point towards instability within the government as one of the leading causes behind the fall of the Roman Empire, then it can be stated that the rise of Christianity was a factor, albeit a small one, behind the eventual fall of Rome with its introduction into Roman society simply being at the same time as Rome’s gradual decline. The lasting impact of Christianity’s rise in Rome can still be felt today since it is considered as the largest and most dominant religion.

Reference List

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Write My Essay Sample:  Movie Analysis
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 Sample by My Essay Writer

When we were kings: Characterization

In this 1974 documentary on a heavyweight boxing championship bout in Zaire between George Foreman and Muhammad Ali, Ali comes out as a humorous, bravado, tactful and intelligent character. It helps that Muhammad Ali comes out as the underdog and therefore, he has the sympathy of the viewer right from the beginning. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]At one point, Ali claims “I’m handsome, I’m young, I’m strong, I’m fast and I can’t be beat” when talking to the press. It’s clear that a lot did not believe him in that press conference just like the odds were stacked against him 7-1. His opponent was stronger, younger and bigger. Ali pulled up an upset in the last rounds creating a myth that lasts forever in the mind of the viewer. The rest of the film depicting his private and public persona reinforces his already established personality of bravery and determination.

42: The Jackie Robinson Story: Setting

The story is set in a black vs. white social conflict setting. The story starts with Jackie Robinson a Black man in the baseball league. He is the first black person to break into the white dominated major league. It’s a very big challenge for both Robinson and Branch Rickey, who recruit Robinson to break the unspoken color line. Off and on the field, Robinson and his family endure some unrelenting hostility based on hostility. As the story progresses, he Rickie begins to find allies among the white. In the end, the viewer is able to realize that the focus of the movie is not so much about the baseball, but to see greatness in color in a struggle between races.

Hoosiers: Theme

This is a film about overcoming adversities. This film is based on a true story of an Indiana team from a small town that makes it to the finals in 1954. The movie is a chronicle of events and attempts by a coach with a tainted past and a basketball-loving drunk in leading their team to victory. The two struggle to insert discipline among a squad of local boys and ultimately turn them into unlikely title contenders. The coach, Norman goes through several challenges, including that of uninterested fathers, a teacher who won’t let the team’s best player go out for the team and some undisciplined athletes. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]    The struggles that the team goes through pull the team together and along the way, they pull surprises and ultimately achieve the impossible- a high school team victory that neither they, nor their doubters saw coming.

Field of Dreams: Plot

Ray Kinsella, an Iowa farmer hears a voice in his field, “if you built it, he will come.” Ray interprets the message as one instructing him to build a baseball field right on his corn farm. The ghosts of Joe Jackson as well as other men belonging to Chicago white sox, a group of players that were banned from baseball for throwing the 1919 World Series for exchange for gamblers money come in.  Joe was known to have taken money but it was never proved that he had thrown the game indeed. Ray works through puzzles to understand the full meaning of the voices. He is also under pressure from Anne’s brother who in looking out for his sister’s best interest is pushing Ray away from his plan that looks increasingly absurd.

Erratic Fire, Erratic Passion Poems: Point of View

The poem is written in the point of view of a player, possibly a black player in a basketball game. The narrator does not give his reason as to why it bothers him when playing against a white guy. He seems to have quite a prejudice against white guys because he outlines that he didn’t have a problem with black, yellow or red guys. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]He simply had a problem against white guys. The narrator is an unreliable one because he does not give evidence as to why he dislikes and despises white guys during the game and trash-talks his opponents as soon as they enter the pitch. The closest he comes to giving evidence is when he claims that being guarded by a white guy is “disrespectful to his game” (Parker & Malla, 2015).


Parker, J., & Malla, P. (2015). Erratic Fire, Erratic Passion. New York: Routledge.

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