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Essay Writing Service Sample: Comcast Xfinity and Verizon Fios Internet Services

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As technology is growing, consumer demand for connected home security solutions is evolving, and the services are becoming user-friendly as well as less costly. Fiber optic technology has been the backbone of the internet for quite some time. However, residential consumers have had a chance to use it for a few years.  Internet services are available globally, and most companies are expanding their markets beyond their current geographical locations. The Internet is a marketing medium where businesses that offer goods, services, as well as information on online services, compete with other organization worldwide. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.] Website marketing is ideally relevant in the sense that both small and medium-sized enterprises gain more visibility in the market (Addison, Haig & Kearny, 2009, p 66). It is beneficial to every company since it allows the company to present itself and the good and services it offers to the external world at a very low cost. Through internet services, it is no doubt, businesses have achieved their goals and objectives. For instance, Comcast XFINITY and Verizon Fios companies are the major players of internet services. Both companies offer Internet access, television programming, and residential telephone services. Evidently, the companies truly offer the best deals to the cable customers due to the development of new options and more competition.  The companies invest in an innovative business that represents the next generation of digital technology, entertainment, and communications. It is evident that most of the investments of these enterprises are in the advertising, enterprise, and consumer as well as infrastructure sectors. The companies use the newer and fastest technologies to convey some of the best ever internet speeds in some countries at a rate that is still amazingly cost effectual. Therefore, these companies are the best in light of customer satisfaction in the industry based on the speeds of the many of their services along with the underlying technology behind their services.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Comcast Xfinity and Verizon Fios Internet Services


Comcast XFINITY is the largest cable provider globally. It brings together the best media and technology by creating the world’s best online experiences. It is located in Center City in the United States.  According to the company website, it operates in 39 states and covers over 113 million people. For decades, the internet of most enterprises, if not all,  have been based on wired connections. To solve this, the company delivers the simplest, most complete and fastest way to access the best entertainment experience. XFINITY Internet provides the most reliable and fastest in-home Wi-Fi for all devices and rooms at all times (Nadler, 1992, p 45). This is the best way to connect with friends and family members through XFINITY Voice which provides unlimited nationwide texting, enhanced calling features and reliable home phone service with the best call clarity. Comcast XFINITY offices are in the 19th tallest structure in the United States. Moreover, the house features retail and cafeteria space designed to be environmentally friendly. The innovation, along with development center, was intended to be a collaboration as well as development space to build products that change on how people connect to internet, entertainment and information by bringing together the best in media and technology. Comcast XFINITY creates a space that carries projects for themes of open office space along with interactive, collaborative zones while creating a unique space for the development teams. Each floor in the Comcast XFINITY offices has a signature color and unique design. The angular soffit hangs an intimate and residential experience and a variety of seating bar height tables along with island stools provide places for people to work as well as grab a cup of coffee.

On the other hand, Fios is a new fiber optics communication network company from Verizon. Verizon has been rolling some services such as Bundled pricing, television, internet and voice services.  Fios has undergone the largest infrastructure projects globally to build a premier fiber network. The company has made a 21st Century network to keep up with the latest technology. Experts across the globe have the same opinion that Verizon Fios network know-how is the Gold Set for Internet as well as amusement delivery. Fios offers fast upload and download speeds which are available to more than 15 million homes in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic U.S. The company is expanding its base allowing customers to access widgets for localized content. Verizon services are delivered using passive optical network technology. The fiber optic technology which the company uses has an inherently higher capacity. Verizon gives customers the freedom to cancel the services it offers at any time. This is one of the biggest advantages that give Verizon Company a chance to access to services. Services and technology have given this company a boost for fighting market share and have negotiating power. Substantially, Verizon has better terms and more attractive deals since new customers are driven to search for more cost-effective home service options to make the switch from one of the bigger cable companies. The company has offices which are facing windows with harbor views. The firm has a newly renovated reception area, fully furnished and equipped office space. Some of the facilities within the company include shared conference room with video conferencing, shared kitchen, shared receptionist, telephone and the internet, utilities and access to state of the art printing, faxing and copying machine. Therefore, this study explores Comcast XFINITY and Verizon Fios the major internet service providers based on their architecture, inner space, artifacts, floors, offices and meeting places within their premises.

Statement of the problem

The internet services of Comcast XFINITY and Verizon Fios are set to be judged through their fast and reliable fiber. XFINITY is a complete way to access entertainment on any screen. For instance, cable broadband technology is the most common means of providing services to homes and business (Jamil et…al, 2016, p 23).  The main pathways for broadband communications for homes and business include cable networks, subscriber wireless and hybrid fiber-coaxial for the foreseeable future. As demand for data capacity increases, Comcast XFINITY is one of the few technologies that can legitimately provide customers with better as well as faster services to accommodate the growing demand. From the technological point of view, the innovations in the development of fiber optics have enabled manufacturing of high-quality signals. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

The architecture and artifacts of Comcast XFINITY Company comprise of the process as well as the product of designing, planning along with constructing buildings and other physical structures (Null, & Lobur, 2012, p 67). Historically, architecture requires creative coordination of material and technology. The structure of this company stimulates as well as influences social life which in other hand promoting social development. Rationalism, phenomenology, and structuralism are some of the philosophies that influence the modern architects and their approach to building design. This aspect of architecture and artifacts are entirely the subject of functionality.

On the other hand, the inner space, architecture, and artifacts of Verizon Fios are planned with a range of shape alongside color varying from the open white space of the upper administrative center to the multicolored walls of the meeting room. The structure of Verizon Company consists of a central material with metallic framed floors. The rest of the room within the company is used for content and training teams as well as shopper service. Additionally, the company contains two works of installation art designed by Nile Creative Group and Jonathon Borofsky’s Civilization in Motion. Therefore, the rise of new materials and technology enables both companies to concentrate on aesthetics and humanist aspects.

Purpose statement of the research

This study explores Comcast XFINITY and Verizon Fios companies based on their architecture, inner space, and artifacts. Further, the study accesses the available documents such as the books and their titles, banners on the walls, websites and the implicit themes within the organization. From the review, Senses are physiological abilities of organisms that make available data for sensitivity. Human beings have a huge number of senses but from the case study the senses used include sight, hearing, and touch.

Literature Review

Companies involved in the creation of multimedia content play a vital role in capturing multimedia data and software tools. Some companies fully utilize public Internet and public cloud infrastructure (Govindarajalu, 2014, p 44). The growing ubiquity of cloud computing and the internet services have a significant impact on businesses that provide media related services. It is evident that there are several variations of devices that can be used in learning systems and can be successfully applied to teach theoretical knowledge presented in the structured multimedia content.

The artifacts of companies can be read out through offices of most successful persons in the organization. However, essentially, the offices and meeting places of these companies are full of artifacts and real clues about what the team values. Ideally, every company has stories based on the founders, memorable photos of employees and other precious subjects. The author of this article examines the information that an organization values. First, companies have only two functions which are marketing and innovation. According to the author of this article, innovation helps the company to generate new products and business model. On the other hand, marketing lets the world to know about those innovations. Creating a creative culture help the organization to execute on marketing and innovation properly. Understanding the dynamics of culture typically enable the company to learn all opportunities by allowing limited risk taking.

This article takes advantage of the recent developments to enforce standardization across service implementations. The author of the article develops as well as demonstrates a sophisticated content management services within organizations. Developing and supporting collaborative workflows help companies to manage complex multimedia context. Moreover, Fiber is one of the few technologies that can legitimately provide customers with better and faster service offering so that to accommodate the growing demands. Bandwidth is the biggest advantage fiber holds.

In the past few decades, the rapid evolution of technologies surrounding telecommunications and computing has reached a threshold of providing returns of continued investments. Communication infrastructure is one of the new value simple concepts leveraged through technological innovation. Further, this article explores how new technologies in most companies have been able to provide a breakthrough in transmission technology over copper lines as well as upgrading the existing copper lines.  For the business to be efficient concerning providing internet services, it requires significantly greater densities of antennas and placing powerful devices which must accept as well as cope with all existing along with potential future interference from other users (Lerner, 2012, p 34). The company should be able to apply a technique that ensures sufficient data bandwidth. Given that internet services provided by most companies are relatively high cost and low capacity, the services are best suited for scenarios in which other connectivity options are unavailable.

Research questions

(i)    What cues within the organizations that support the implicit themes?

(ii)    What are the values expressed in the physical location of these teams based on floors, offices and meeting places?

(iii)     How the available documents in these companies furbished based on their architecture, inner space and artifacts?

Research methodology

Like any other study, research methodology collection is a significant criterion here. Suitable research methodology helps out to present the study work in a comprehensive way. This section of the investigation explains the move and endeavor in research work to collect helpful information about Comcast XFINITY and Verizon Fios companies based on the available documents such inner space, architecture and artifacts that are expressed in the physical locations. The organizations had implicit themes which helped to collect every relevant piece of data and to validate the validity of the study topic. The most important objective of this business study is to investigate about the possible perception observed within the premises of the companies and identify the architecture, inner space and artifacts of the firms. This study strategy ideally utilized non-experimental method of exploration, which for the most part focuses on the logical examination of known information as well as facts in a methodical way.

Sample population and participants

A sample size of 50 employees from each company will be selected to give precise information about the artifacts, inner space, architecture and meeting places of Comcast XFINITY and Verizon Fios.

Plan for data collection

The research is just depicting an enhanced situation of underlying resources and focused expression of qualitative study methods. The inceptions of this data are positioned to online materials and other related direct examination of the situation in a variety of areas. This will express the relativity of diverse aspects that are placed in the point of understanding the two companies based on their offices, floors, architecture, inner space, and artifacts. Therefore, the study will cover up data from earlier researchers that have already been done and the online materials such as articles, books, journals and websites that hold information pertinent to the study topic. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]


Comcast XFINITY and Verizon Fios companies operate to facilitate the internet and deliver a range of services. As rapid innovation in Internet-related services continues, the existence of these services provides the consumer with some benefits. However, the underlying technical methods used by both companies are significantly different with various benefits along with limitations (Costas & Grey, 2016, p 56). The alternatives of these methods provide competition and consumer choice in the market. Evidently, both Comcast XFINITY and Verizon Fios companies support innovation and make higher assurance of delivery of quality services by offering different pricing packages. Therefore, different technologies combined with other improvements exercised by both companies create multiple services to customers in the market.



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