Essay Writing Sample: Taking and Experimenting Risks

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Taking and experimenting risks requires various strategies. Some of the most common strategies applied for this course include personal bests, building psychological hardiness and resiliency, as well as being an active learner, which are applied in generating small wins. I would use my personal bests to ensure that the efficiency of the organization improves, as well as boosting productivity. I would also employ my personal bests in taking up risks that can be managed and handled by employing my personal bests.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]I would also evaluate the risks and ensure that they cannot overpower my personal bests. Building psychological harness and resiliency would also be employed in boosting the preparedness of the other employees to undertake risks and responsibilities that might demand more input than normal. It would also prepare them psychologically that the idea or risk undertaken could result in huge losses. Being an active learner would also enable me to evaluate the performance and results of various strategies applied in my company and in others. It would also enable me to identify risks that are worth making and those that have high chances of resulting in losses.

However, this process could be difficult in an environment where there is a ‘blame game’ in the event of losses. As such, there are various ways that I would ensure that risks are experimented and the organization keeps moving forward. First, I would involve all stakeholders in the decision-making process regarding strategies to be taken. I would also introduce to them any risk that I wish to take and hear their views and opinions. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]    I would do them to earn their support and trust. I would also ensure effective communication throughout the process. Finally, I would conduct effective research before undertaking any risk to evaluate the chances of success. One of the leaders I keep admiring for taking risks that transformed the mobile phone industry is Steve Jobs. No one knew that Apple would end up one the most competitive brands in the market, thanks to risks taken by Steve Jobs. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Essay Writing Sample: Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Franklin D. Roosevelt was an American president and played a vital role in reducing the effect of the Great Depression. He was responsible for ushering in the New Deal, and this came with different challenges. Even though he was a good leader, he faced several problems, all which derailed his projects and even made it difficult to relate to some people.

His biggest problems with the 1st and 2nd deals varied in different ways. These problems ranged from people’s rights, democracy, and elimination of socialism (Foner 2010)[1]. While concerning people’s rights, this was widely associated with slavery in the Southern States. This was a time when the federal governments had more authority, and that meant the president needed to deal with a lot of opposition to the attempt to enforce people’s rights. He also needed to develop a system in which the federal governments would have a balanced budget. This would give him additional power as the head of state over the federal government spending. Socialism had become a threat while considering the prevailing economic situation. Some of the countries that practiced socialism were Germany and Russia. These countries were known to enforce policies that disregarded human rights at the time.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

He also had the challenge of reconciling democracy. At the time, different forces were in play with the aim to ensure democracy was not achieved. In a democracy system, the power is rested in the hands of the citizens, and that would mean equal rights for all persons (Foner 2010)[2]. The southern states relied on slaves to work on their cotton farms. This means that such states were opposed to a democratic state. In addition, the fact that the Democrats had more members of Congress in the House meant that most of his deals would be opposed by use of legal means. This meant that any implementation based on budget or even policy formulation would be exhausted in the Congressional House.

The New Deal

The New Deal came at a time when people were facing different economic challenges. The United States was dealing with the Great Depression, and this was one of the primary reasons why FDR managed to win the elections. People needed a leader who would lead them to economic recovery. Based on the list of candidates, only FDR looked promising to consider such an accomplishment. The Great Depression was an issue that faced all Americans and people had different opinions on how to deal with the situation. For instance, some people believed that socialism would be ideal, as it would guarantee quick recovery while also looking after the welfare of all Americans. However, others believed that a capitalist society would be beneficial for America in the long term.

Countries such as France and Britain had conservative governments, which were keen on maintaining public order rather than relieve the suffering of the citizens (Foner 2010)[3]. This meant that much of the resources were diverted towards ensuring people were in good terms with the government rather than in development projects. On the other hand, Stalin, who chose a socialist approach that involved the use of all citizens to build the government, ruled Russia. This approach led to the rapid industrialization of the country and elimination of unemployment. At the same time, Japan invaded China with its militarist government and planned to extend its influence throughout Asia (Foner 2010)[4]. This means that Roosevelt had the chance to choose from this list of options on the nature of government that would help transform America after the Great Depression. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

He chose to maintain a capitalist approach in which the large corporations were to be regulated by the government on the nature of spending. He also chose to regulate the banks with the aim of restoring the banking services. The Great Depression had affected the purchasing ability of Americans, and they could not access their money in the banks (Foner 2010). He also chose to use the existing government branches such as Legislature to transform things in America. By using the Congress to pass different laws such as the Emergency Banking Act and the Glass-Steagall Act that served to regulate banking services. This approach was effective as it served to help the Americans restore their individual rights.

The New Deal was controversial as some people claimed it was never new. From a personal perspective, the New Deal appeared to be similar to the manner in which the American economy was run in the past. The only difference was that the government took charge and introduced regulations on the banks and the large corporations. The regulations on the huge corporations were important as they were blamed for playing a role in the Great Depression (Foner 2010). The large corporations chose to keep their prices artificially high while failing to engage in measures that increased the workers purchasing power. This called for the regulation of these corporations, as they were still vital for the revival of the American economy.

His approach was right because it aimed at restoring power to the American people. During his campaigns, he based his core values on liberty and democracy. This meant that he needed to choose to relieve the suffering of persons in the American society. He noted that the main issues were unemployment and limited purchase ability. His approach fell into the category of fascism and corporatist, and that played a role in reducing the effects of the Great Depression. His use of different government wings to implement these changes makes him a great leader. He also used a capitalist approach to solving the unemployment problem (Foner 2010)[5]. By creating jobs that build the government, he ensured that people were provided with employment opportunities while building the country at the same time. This proved effective, but the concern that a class of Americans was rising that depended fully on government jobs made Roosevelt change strategy. He also knew when to involve different countries to build the American economy. For instance, he relied on the Grand Coulee Dam to provide power for different government projects. Energy is a vital component of any project, and that shows its importance at a time when FDR was trying to relieve the Americans from the Great Depression effects.

The move by several businesspersons in America to overthrow Roosevelt and introduce a Fascist government would have different effects on the economy. Given the fact that large corporations were part of the reason why the Great Depression had a larger effect on the American economy, they were in no position to make such a drastic move. Instead, they should have consulted with the government and come up with ideas aimed at boosting government action. For instance, when FDR was geared towards creating employment for the American population, the business sector could have aided the process by creating some additional positions. Should they have played this role then, there is a likelihood that the government could have succeeded in relieving people from the burden of low purchasing power. From a personal perspective, FDR made different decisions that appeared extreme but then they were aligned with his goal of ensuring people had their rights restored. Should the businesspersons have succeeded in overthrowing the president, they would have run the economy based on market principles. The use of market principles never considers the welfare of citizens but the profit achieved from the process. The fact that his administration later started considering the environmental effects associated with the Grand Coulee Dam shows a leader that considers human and environmental welfare even when his policies are involved. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Therefore, FDR was very instrumental in making changes that sought to restore America as it was before the Great Depression. His approach always varied but then they made substantial effects on the economy at the time. His ability to mobilize Congress and other corporations to support his initiatives also increased his chances of success. From a personal perspective, he would have made a greater impact if the private sector had offered him the support he needed for the initiatives. The fact that he needed to come up with new policies while fighting the opposition at the same time affected his performance.  The important thing to know with FDR is that he chose to associate himself with scholars who had knowledge of how economies needed to be run. This way, he would choose the advice to implement and the ones to ignore. The important factor was that he changes the situation to which people were subjected after the Great Depression. In conclusion, he was a great leader that always placed the American people before any self-interests.


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Essay Writing Service Sample:Separation of Powers

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Chapter Three: The US System of Constitutional Government

The chapter delves into the American Constitution, its development, and its functions. There are several points of significance that I identified as discussed below. The first point is the hierarchy of laws in the United States. The hierarchy is contained on page 23 of the assigned reading. The second point of significance is the rule of law on page 23. The rule of law suggests that government authority is exercised in accordance to public laws and established procedures. The third point of significance is the American Creed on page 25. The American Creed is a set of beliefs and norms about the best way to administer good government.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Chapter Four: Congress

The chapter discusses the Congress, its powers, its functions, and its organization. The first point of significance is the separation of powers. The congress is given the power to makes pieces of legislation. This is discussed on page 53. The second point of significance is the constitutional powers that are given to the Congress. These powers include enumerated powers and implied powers. This is contained on page 53 of the assigned reading. The third point of significance is the functions of the Congress on page 55. Some of the functions include making laws, representation, and constituency service. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Chapter Five: The Presidency

The author delves into the presidency as being the seat in the government that empowers an individual to rule over the nation. There are several points of significance that I identified as discussed below. The first point is on page 73 and discusses the powers of the president. The president has legal and political powers. These powers are provided by the American Constitution. The second point of interest was the political powers of the presidency on page 79. Political power emanates from the fact that he is the party leader of the party that he was elected in. the third point of significance is the office of the president on page 83. The office of the president has many departments that are responsible for undertaking the government functions.

[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

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Write My Essay Sample: Sociology Assignment 1

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A new study out of Murray Edwards College at Cambridge University explores the ways in which men can help promote gender equality in the workplace. In an article for Bustle, the study is explained and explored. The college for women conducted the study after women employed there complained that the sexism they were experiencing at work was preventing them from advancing in their careers. The researchers interviewed 40 men at different stages in their career, asking questions about the way men and women interact in the workplace.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

In the published study, the researchers outline five ways in which they believe workplaces can change their culture to improve gender equality: seeking to understand issues with workplace culture, making visible how things get done, building closer relationships between the genders, individual interventions regarding biased behavior and actions for leaders to reward and support gender-inclusive behavior modeled by men in the workplace. By making small, individual changes, the researchers argue that workplaces can see a big change overall in women’s advancement in their careers.

The men shared situations in which they’d observed misogynistic behavior and offered suggestions for ways in which they believe workplaces can move toward the more equal treatment of men and women.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Some of the numbers in the study are pulled from polling done by organizations like Think Future and Opportunity Now. One of the myths the researchers aimed to debunk was that gender inequality will eventually become obsolete on its own. The  numbers seem to show that this is not the case. According to a study done by Think Future in 2016, 72 percent of men aged 18-25 are confident that their gender has no bearing on their ability to progress in their career, only 42 percent of women in the same age group feel that same confidence. In 2014, Opportunity Now reported that 43 percent of women aged 28-40 feel they are not given the same opportunities to progress as their male coworkers. (Murray Edwards College, 2016) Despite an increase in awareness regarding gender inequality, it appears that time alone will not repair the disparities.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

While the study only included 40 men, the questions were broad-ranging. Before meeting with the men, the researchers shared with them a summary of research covering women’s perspectives on the issue of gender equality. The motivations of men varied based on their stage in their career, with early career men tending to be more open to change then those in the mid-point of their working life. The researchers also considered that men of the Millenial generation (those born between 1980 and 2000) were more likely to have grown up with working mothers and multiculturalism. These younger men may also see more gender equality in their work day because they are still at lower levels in their career. For these reasons, millennial males might believe that gender equality has already been achieved.

The study supports the author’s stance that gender equality benefits everyone in the long run. While the men interviewed were aware of gender inequality, those later in their careers seemed less willing to make changes. However, the article argues that changes made in the workplace to improve equality could create positive changes for men as well. Suicide is the leading cause of death of men under the age of 50 in the UK and many men are embarrassed to speak out as victims of domestic abuse. A culture of toxic masculinity could contribute to this (Lawton, 2016). Broadening the discussion of gender equality will not only benefit women in the workplace, it will benefit both men and women in many areas of life.


Lawton, G. (2016, October 20). Achieving gender equality in the workplace requires help from men, study finds, and it’s sadly not as much of a no-brainer as it should be. Bustle.

Murray Edwards College. (2016). Collaborating with men: changing workplace culture to be more inclusive for women.

Essay Writing Sample: Personality Tests

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Personality tests are also referred to as psychological tests. A psychological test is a measure of an individual’s character based on how he/she answers a set number of questions. In the past, people tried to measure personalities using different methods. There is the Enneagram test which is understood as nine personality traits that are linked together. The Myers-Briggs is another personality test which was first introduced in 1962, Based on Carl Jung’s theory on personality traits, it still remains the most taken by people. Lastly, there is The Big Five test. Researchers analyze how individuals respond to personality questionnaires and come up with a way of summing up a person’s character. These tests can be useful at the workplace. This paper will discuss how each of these three methods captures a person’s personality; it will also describe the criticism of each method.

The Enneagram method of measure divides human personalities into nine behavioral types.  After taking the Enneagram test, the score is as follows:

  • Orderly 26%
  • Helpful 10%
  • Focussed 14%
  • Selfishness 14%
  • Intelligent 30%
  • Security concerns 58%
  • Full of adventure 30%
  • Aggressive 26%
  • Calm 46%

According to the Enneagram test that I took, my main type is 6 which I scored 14 marks which amounts to 58%. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

According to the research undertaken by Savich (2005) in the field of neuroscience, he explored the Enneagram into detail specifically on the functions of the brain. The research took him to a hypothesis connecting the Enneagram to patterns of asymmetric movements in the brain. People are put in a box for description purposes only, before undertaking the test.

The Myers Briggs is another personality test that I conducted. The results were as follows:

  • Extrovert 6%
  • Intuition 6%
  • Thinking levels 59%
  • Judgement 19%

Savich (2005) agrees that the Myers Briggs test indicator (MBTI) has mistakes. The psychometric test developed on Jung’s theory of the many types of personalities there are globally; you are placed in one on the 16 types of personalities. This is based on some of its categories such as being an introvert or an extrovert (2005). Savich (2005) asserts that one of the main problems with the (MBTI) is that it shows what is known as ”test-retest reliability”. I f you take the test after a month, you have a 50% chance of falling into a different personality category; therefore lacking credibility.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

The last personality test that I took is the Big Five and here are the results:

  • Extrovert- 84%
  • Being in agreement with others- 3%
  • Conscientiousness- 62%
  • Neuroticism- 66%
  • Being open- 0%

The big five rankings change over time, Savich (2005) reports that any of the big five factor can not stand alone as a variable (2005). Birth-order and gender can be connected to traits of being open. Extroversion generally decreases a person ages. There seems to be a connection between cultural factors in certain countries. Savich (2005) concludes by saying that the big five method is based on theory and it cannot accurately point to a specific behavior (2005).

Finally, the outcomes of these personality tests have been found to be unreliable over a period of time. It is of utmost importance to remember that personality tests do have their limitations just like other forms of tests. However, these tests can have a positive response in the workplace while selecting employees. Further research needs to be conducted to show the reliability of the tests. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay


Savich, P. (2005) Personality and the brain: A hackers journey through the enneagram and the emerging brain research.,NewYork, NY: Perennial.

Essay Writing Sample: Article Review: “The Messiah in the Pentateuch”

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The passage begins by explaining the different prophecies of the Old Testament on the coming of the Messiah. The major predictions of the Messiah in the Pentateuch dominate from the Promised Land in the story of Moses. They form the basis of the theology narrative in the Old Testament. Kaiser (1995) notes that the Messiah would come from the offspring of man, but he would be like God, and he would dwell among us. The messianic arrival would make Abraham a remarkable figure throughout the biblical history. Being Abraham’s offspring, God would bless the earth and its families (Kaiser, 1995).

The chapter further explores the coming of the Messiah, as well as different texts that do not sound humanly possible. Kaiser (1995) examines the disparities in the message about the coming of the Messiah and also tries to identify some parts of the chronological accounts about the coming of the Messiah that do not add up to the messianic story of the old testament

The explanation of this is in Genesis 9:27, “… but he would also later on be none less than God come to dwell among the families of Shem (Kaiser, 1995, p. 36). The Bible explains that the Messiah will come from Abraham’s lineage and more specifically from the line of one of Jacob’s son, Judah (Kaiser, 1995). Genesis 49:10 invokes that “… the Messiah would be given not only the rule and authority over Israel but also power over the nations” (Kaiser, 1995, p. 36).[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

The dwelling of the Messiah among the families is also hotly debated. According to Kaiser and other scholars, Noah proclaims “May God provide ample space for Japheth, may he dwell in the tents of Shem…” (1995, p. 43). From the passage, there is no a conscious idea about who specifically Noah refers to. It could either be Japheth, or even God himself. The coming of the Messiah was predicted and prophesied along different times and eras. The Abrahamic prophesies make it certain that the Messiah would be born from a human being from their family.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Kaiser (1995) further writes that the other prophecies arise from Noah’s time, and we do not know how far it was between Noah’s time, the Garden of Eden, and Abraham. What is evident, though, is that the son of man would come to rescue humans because of their progressive sins. Genesis 9:18-24 tells the story of Noah and his son’s (Ham) sin of seeing him naked (Kaiser, 1995, p. 42). This incident sets up the pace for the blessings of Sham, who would be a focal point in the coming of Messiah.

Kaiser (1995) also explores the messianic livelihood. The concept of God living among men is a bit disturbing to the human mind. Most people cannot comprehend how the immortal God would live among humans who were impure and full of sin. God, before all else, promises to come through a woman. God assures his people that they will be saved from sin and redemption. According to Kaiser (1995), the messianic prophecy and the human values are what guide our faith and belief in the coming of the Messiah. They all unite the person that is Jesus, the God who is a man or inform of a human being born to a human family (Kaiser, 1995). As a tool to deliver the messianic message, the Bible seeks to remind us of our sins and that Jesus Christ will come to our redemption. We get to read about his sovereignty and changing the sinful.

The text by Kaiser (1995) rightly describes the discrepancies in the dawn of the messianic age and the reign of the Messiah. The chapter focuses on a critical analysis of the nature of the Messiah and his origins, following the different prophecies.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]



Kaiser, W. C. (1995). The Messiah in the Old Testament (pp. 36-64). Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan.

Essay Writing Service Sample: Effective Leadership

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In this review, two interviews were conducted to ascertain the various leadership styles and frameworks used by the respective leaders in their organization. A comparison is then made to establish how similar or otherwise the two leaders were in terms of their ideologies and approach towards management. From the interview conducted, it was found that the two interviewees had different leadership approaches: bureaucratic and transformational leadership styles. The two had however similar themes such as employee motivation and improving workplace environment in order to realize improved performance.

Explanation of Leadership Methods

The method used by the interviewee to ensure that their team delivers high performance is through employee motivation.  Both interviewees demonstrated that the use of employee motivation strategy as a key factor towards realizing increased productivity. When employees feel appreciated for their hard work and commitment, they are bound to work harder and attain much bigger organization goals. Both interviewees appeared to be reading from the same script in that they consider intrinsic and extrinsic motivation as well as reward systems to be instrumental towards realizing high performance. The difference between the two interviewees is that one considers job specialization as a better way of increasing performance while the other believes in job rotation and having holistic, well-rounded employees.

Identify leadership models and frameworks for each interview:

One of the interviewees said that he advocates for a bureaucratic style of leadership where leaders focus on upholding the rules governing the institution and ensuring that his workforce follow the outlined work procedures precisely. Given the nature of his business; which deals with machineries, it requires accuracy at every processing stage to guarantee their functionality. As a bureaucratic leader, he is in a better position to make follow ups and ensure all procedures are adhered to perfectly.

The other business leader on his side considered transformational leadership as his style and model of leadership. He considers it as a model that emphasizes on integrity and high emotional intelligence incorporated into the system of leadership. Being a good communicator, authentic and empathetic, the business leader considered himself to be well positioned to motivate his workforce with a shared vision towards attaining a specific goal. Additionally, transformational leaders are considered to inspire their team members as they expect nothing but the best from everyone something which primarily holds them accountable for their actions (Mittal 10). The interviewee considered himself to be such a kind of leader and the success that his organization has attained has been founded on this leadership framework.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here

Max Weber, a German sociologist developed the meaning to bureaucratic leadership to have six outlined tenets that define this leadership approach and these include:

  • A strict hierarchy that has been fostered by the leadership and keenly adhered to
  • The firm is governed by indisputable rules and regulations
  • It is established along the lines of specialties where individuals with similar talents and expertise are grouped together
  • The organization is focused on the board of directors and stakeholders
  • The leadership is focused on performance rather than on employees
  • Employment is centralized on the most technically proficient personnel (Lutzker 119).

According to James MacGregor Burns, transformational leadership, on the other hand, entails a strategy where leaders and their subjects help each other to advance to a higher standard of morale and motivation. There are five elements that define this leadership framework and these include:

  • Timing
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Strategies enforced at the workplace
  • Implementation and plan execution
  • Sustainability (Leban & Carol 554).

Other than the leadership frameworks endorsed, the other leadership framework that may have worked better than those mentioned is servant leadership approach. This style of leadership is characterized by individuals who lead by example and uphold high level of integrity and self-consciousness. This approach serves to create a positive corporate culture and very high morale among employees as they work to emulate their leaders.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

From the interviews, the bureaucratic leader happens to head a manufacturing plant that requires a lot of job specialization with stringent rules and regulations aimed at delivering to the required expectation. In this light, the leader is mandated to keenly adhere to the set rules so that machineries are manufactured without defaults. The other interviewee demonstrated practical use of his bureaucratic leadership on a practical scenario by employing workers who demonstrate proficiency and who share in the values and principles of the organization. He has also been steadfast in building a good working relationship with the taskforce that has seen the company record progressive increase in productivity since he stepped in as the Chief Executive officer of the company.

Discuss how leaders enable their teams to be successful

These leaders have been successful in their endeavors because they identified what their respective organizations needed and worked towards accomplishing this end. It is apparent that despite employing different leadership styles, they both record remarkable success in their business because they knew their strengths and capitalized on them to transform their workplace and spearhead the agendas of the company. Given that there is no one-fit-all approach to leadership, it is important that leaders be authentic and real to their personality and not copy other leader’s approach for what works for one organization may not possibly work for the other. This is a lesson that can be learnt from the leaders interviewed who managed to marshal their staffs towards accomplishing set goals in their respective leadership framework. Important to note is that once one takes a defined course and sticks to it, they are bound to record remarkable success. The interviewed leaders demonstrated commitment to their styles of leadership and believed in it to the extent of cultivating a culture in their organization. This culture trickled down to the employees who then executed the command appropriately.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]


The methods used to implement the leadership framework include employee participation in which case they are actively involved in the policy formulation and implementation processes. This works to make them feel as important people in the organization and consequently increase their commitment and dedication at the workplace. Proper job description also helps to avoid job overlap and ensure every employee knows his or her duties and obligations to the company and works collaboratively towards meeting a common goal. Rewards have been used to motivate employees who demonstrate exceptional performance while complying with the rules and culture of the organization. This will work to inspire employees to strive towards attaining the set project goals as well as embrace the culture of the organization (Leban & Carol 554).

From the interview, it came out strongly that employees were committed to working within the governing principles as formulated by their leaders. Consequently, it became apparent that employees’ behaviors are influenced by their leaders. Organizations with exceptional, practical leaders have a vibrant workplace environment contrary to those with lenient, incompetent leaders that experience low productivity. Managers who command authority and have a sense of leadership automatically transfer the charisma and personality down to their team of employees in the course of attaining the set goals as was amicably demonstrated throughout the course of the interviews. The employees were responsive to the leadership framework fostered for by the interviewees and the results could be seen from their exceptional market performance in both bureaucratic and transformational leaders respectively.

The motivational tactics used included employee promotion, recognition, gifts hampers and vouchers, paid trips and vacations among other motivational approaches. The business leaders interviewed asserted to the fact that different groups of employees were motivated differently in accordance to their preferences, work experience, job groups and age bracket of the employee. These are some of the parameters that were considered in order for the motivational tactic to add significant value to the individual person. An intern at the company, for instance, is well motivated by monetary gifts, while an executive position holder may be rewarded by a paid vocational trip or extended leave. Without such considerations, the motivation tactic may not have a significant impact as it may so desire. Thus, this method of appreciation is only effective when properly assessed and examined to meet the prioritized needs of the employees. From the interviewees, they both demonstrated similar approaches to the motivational plan.

 Analyze the leadership of change efforts for each interview

In the bureaucratic leadership, processes are largely rigid and defined. From the interview, it remained evident that the leader was more concerned about following the outlined procedure to get the expected results demonstrating their unresponsive nature to organizational changes. The transformational leader on his part demonstrated more dynamism and the need to be adaptable to various changing needs of today’s business market. For instance, the transformational leader changed the system to an advanced IT platform to monitor all the operations of the organization from one central serve. The changes meant that all the data and recordings were filed on the digitized online platform to increase accountability and seal loopholes in the system. As a leader, he was first to introduce the idea to the team, seeking for their consent and ideas to improve on the change project before initiating training sessions. The process was successful in initiating change as was endorsed by everyone. He also managed to set a team of experts to these through the transitioning process from the old analogue systems to a more technically advanced technology. This strategy was successful because it was implemented systematically and with the full support and participation of all its stakeholders and employees. It is hence imperative to follow- up leadership roles and to ensure they are implemented to the latter.

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Write My Essay Sample: Diversity in Federal Courts

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The move by President Barack Obama to diversify the federal courts is a positive step towards defining the modern America. The new face of the courts aim to create a society in which the minorities are equally represented. The president should consider a range of factors as he makes the presentation to the Senate. It would be important to note that the process of examining the nominees has been very slow since a majority of the Senate Republicans argues they cannot afford to rush and then make poor judgments.

President Obama should make the presentation that speeding up the process would be good for the American people. The current state of the court system is that there is a backlog of people in different cases. This makes the Senate’s approval of the nominees as beneficial for the country. In addition, he should also state that America has become a country made of diverse persons. This means that the current systems will need to be changed to accommodate the prevailing diversity (Hotakainen, 2010). The most outstanding factor for the President to consider is making America the primary objective. If he can convince the Republican senators of the benefits that these changes will make to the judiciary system then he could speed up the examination process.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

While women make a majority of the American population, I would not support the argument that they ought to have more seats. The judicial system should be given to persons based on their experiences and integrity. This means that if they find a man with more qualifications than a woman, then he should be considered. The only factor that I could consider is a minority in the sense of racial and ethnic basis. For instance, they could consider more people from the Latino and African-American communities. Women are now given more resources in learning facilities, and that means they can easily compete with their male counterparts.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Many American governments have struggled with the challenge of employment creation. One of the reasons why this is a constant problem is that the existing system favors the already employed at the expense of the applicants. For instance, judges are known to serve for a lifetime unlike people in other professions. I would prefer the president introduce an age limit after which the judges would be required to retire. This will give room for different judges to rise in ranks and help in building America. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Therefore, the move by President Obama to diversity the Federal Courts will make the American judicial system efficient. It will be a system that serves people regardless of their minority or majority status in society. Provided he can convince the Senate to speed up the examination process for the nominees, the American people can enjoy the benefits of this new system.


Hotakainen, R. (2010, June 18). Obama pushes to diversify federal courts, but it’s a slow process.

Essay Writing Sample: Retelling Experiments

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Hagan Joel in the article “Retelling Experiments: Retelling Experiments: H.B.D. Kettlewell’s Studies of Industrial Melanism in Peppered Months” talks about the H.B.D Kettlwell’s study significance on the natural selection as well as the effect it has in the further study and knowledge of scientific evidence about natural selection. He also discusses how this study ended up being obscure after other scholars misused its information.

H.B.D Kettlewell refers to a British ecological geneticist that gave rise to a revolutionary article by the name “Darwin’s Missing Evidence” in the late fifty’s. The article contains information on the peppered moth’s natural selection that was affected greatly by the soot caused by the industrial revolution. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

In his analysis, Hagan discusses the main points from Kettlewell’s information that include, the manner in which scholars made use of his study to cause ambiguity that has possibly been regarded as misinterpreting information that greatly impacted how the main study was viewed (Hagan, 1999, p. 143). [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

According to the article, in the early years before the industrial revolution, almost all peppered moths appeared to have black spots on their grayish white wings. The peppered moth is regarded as being among the many moths’ species that show evidence of industrial melanism. In this sense, industrial melanism refers to when the skin pigmentation becomes dark colored by the generation process following a certain cause and in this case being the soot that was caused by the industrial revolution (Hagan, 1999, p.152).

The article in general looks at how idealized accounts for the study by Kettlewell have been applied by biology teachers and professional biologists while at the same time reacting to David Rudge criticisms to Hagan’s early discussions on the same study highlighting the claims by Rudge on the purely observational studies significance for the eventual popularization and acceptance of the explanation by Kettlewells for the industrial melanism evolution. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]


Hagen, J. B. (1999). : H.B.D. Kettlewell’s Studies of Industrial Melanism in Peppered Months. Biology and Philosophy, 14(1), 39-54.

Essay Writing Service Sample: Social Determinants of Health

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The primary health determinant in this article is social determinants. Social health determinants refer to social factors as well as physical conditions of the area where the affected population is born, live, work, play, and age. Social determinants have been observed to significantly affect a broad range of functioning, health, and the outcomes of the quality of life (Travis). The plan covered in the article is the funding by the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation to build a ten to twelve story complex that will include two hundred and fifty housing units that will be subsidized for the local community.  This project mainly targets a region that is occupied currently by a group of homeless people living in tents.

This social health determinant will improve the sanitary conditions of the population living in the community. This plan will be able to support the local community by allowing the city to rent about half of the expected two hundred and fifty units at a welfare shelter that will be at $ 375 every month for a single-person household (Travis). With reduced rent rates, the residence will direct the amount of money they will be saving to better food and nutrients hence better health conditions.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

They will also have extra funds to access medical facilities and buy drugs and treatment if they fall ill. Poor health outcomes have always been observed to make worse health conditions following the interaction between individuals or a population and their physical and social environment. The integrated, complex, and overlapping economic systems and social structures are often responsible for most inequalities related to health.

The other health determinant mentioned in the article is health services. In addition to coming up with subsidized housing facilities for the low-income population, the plan also involves coming up with an integrated health center. Such a health center will allow for easier access to quality health care for this population. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Social health determinants are typically shaped by the distribution of power, money, and resources to the residents. With improved housing, the population will not be exposed to some of the conditions that result in the natural spread of diseases such as cold nights and attacks by disease-causing insects as compared to when they are living in tents. For example, in this case, the Carnegie Community Center is committed to coming up with community-controlled housing at a welfare/pension rate at 58 West Hastings (Travis). This way, the population will be able to save on some of their income and direct the income to access better medication and medical facilities.

Such interventions should be encouraged now that they play a significant role in improving health conditions in low-income populations. Support from the government as well as other foundations should be promoted and implemented so as to increase the funding for such projects. For example, in this case, the provincial government announced to provide $ 500 million for affordable-housing programs (Travis). The other example is the effort by the Vancouver Coastal Health to help subsidize it health intervention through rent it will be paying for the health center facility it will be operating in the region.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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